So, nothing changed from the beta?

It plays exactly the same, i can’t see any improvements from the beta. What was even the point? Game plays slow as hell, garbage omen is still here etc.

Very disappointed

Same man same. I really doubt TC is gonna listen to us, the people who know the game better than themselves

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Exactly what I was thinking… Its the same at the tech test…

OP rifles
Slow movement
Bad hit markers

The weird thing is that the tech test never crashed on my pc but the official game keeps crashing… :confused:

I did say that the tech test was the finished game back then, but only an few people understood that.

Thus why I’m not surprised by what has been released. Lol.

The tech test was infinitely better. Now we have these untouchable 70+ ping teams rolling around. Half my shots either don’t register or I get anywhere between 50-100% dmg without killing e
m. Cool beans. Sick My Duck TC :wink: