So no new escape hive for awhile... Book suggestions?

With no new hive coming anytime soon, I can catch up on some reading. I typically lean towards reading on historical topics, specifically military history. I also enjoy a good horror book now and again. Anyone have any reading suggestions for me?.. Please… lol.

Well have you read any Stephen king novels?

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Shelf is stocked with them. I’ve read IT twice now lol. Rest of them just once.

Oh my bad.

I used to have my own book collection but I’ve long since sold all of them. I had mainly horror novels too and now I’m drawing a blank on their names

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Ah. Shame. If you remember any of them please do keep me in the loop. I’ve read just about everything I own, not to mention my shelf is overflowing as is. I need to buy another one. Even though I have nowhere to put another bookshelf lol.

I’ve been reading some good fanfiction about Gears.

The best one yet is a Kung Fu Panda crossover.

Interesting how relevent this post has become now.

If you want the link just say so.

Kung fu panda? :joy:

Send the link. ■■■■ it. Hahaha

It’s translated from Spanish roughly lol.

Ok lmao