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So no Clayton still? Hero system stuff

This hero system bs is the literal bane of everyones favourites whether its Bernie, Clay, Cole etc etc and seeing as how Lizzie’s ability is just materialising a silverback out of nowhere that can be used in both horde and ESCAPE honestly just feels like they’re running out ideas especially since a silverback is something you could easily just purchase as a fortification in gears 3 horde (not sure how it was on 4 cuz i never played it because windows store sucked at the time), idk maybe if they reverted things to being classes you can use whatever skin you want on they’d probs finally just give us the characters we want without waiting 3 months for 2 cog and 2 swarm/locust out of a pool of nearly a hundred or so characters (idk the exact number dont quote me). Please just stop with the hero system and give us what we want, you were able to do that on gears 4 with the exception of OG Onyx Guard and Recruit Clayton and various other niche skins why is it magically so hard to do it on 5?