So Much for The Better Ping/Servers

All day today again

I should be at 20ms not 150!!!

I always have 20-30 ping since launch. I’m just curious your location and internet speeds?

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all depends on your setup, service, possibly time of day, other people on your network, corroded connections old router, wired, wireless.

there are so many things that can effect your connection.


I’m in Vancouver BC
Hardwired fiber, ip4/ip6 connection


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no idea then.

i get 25ms in th u.k and i’m only 70/20, i recently upgraded my router from the standard one i got from sky and that made a huge difference for me.

Gears 4 I would always be at 16-20

Now its putting me into the EU servers

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you could try contacting your provider, they may be able to help?

It was fine yesterday


Today all EU

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it could be an idea to give it a few days maybe, especially with how unstable this launch has been, i dont know what else to say really, sorry.