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So Mr. Ryan Cleven, i just read the interview with Polygon!

The older gears games were good because of Cliff anyone who disagrees I don’t know what to tell you. He had PASSION for gears of war, something some of these people working on it now do not. I can say that because his passion showed in his work. Gears 1-3 were amazing (minus multiplayer issues from 2 at the beginning, that were pretty much patched)
Gears 4 and 5 look and play like people just going to work punching a time card and it shows.
Gears used to be about getting destroyed until you put in the time to get better. Now it’s lets make a game little Jonny can easily get a kill. It is what it is.
Passion man, and TCs work doesn’t show it
I’ll give an example-
Gears 2 when starting a match and your team is leaving spawn, the locust team would carry on like a bunch of bloodthirsty lunatics, growling, screaming, etc. To the crazy sound of a sudden death that popped up in a tight execution match.
Gears 4-5-that isn’t there it just doesn’t do it. I don’t get any goosebumps to a dumb clinky countdown with stupid emotes in spawn, or an idiotic “MVP” call of duty stance at the end of a match.
Again no passion! It’s copy and paste from other games.
Gears of war WAS a trendsetter when epic made it now it’s generic bs.


Hmm I found multiplayer in gears 1-3 to be terrible really. I’ll agree that the games were great but not in the multiplayer department. Saying that that is purely because of Cliff is nonsense as well.

It’s real interesting, two different social media sides most of all the people on Twitter are praising the game and mechanics (probably newcomers), while the OG gear fans here are venting there gripes. Things are changing, maybe there isn’t enough original Gear heads to keep franchise afloat, everyone grew up and got old and has a family or what ever. They need new players or Gears don’t exist IMO. ADAPT or die lol.


OP took my comments out of context - I was talking about why arcade mode is good for new players.

Core modes like koth, tdm, etc are all still built
Around the shotgun.

The idea is to give people a stepping stone from other games into gears and then have them explore other modes.

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It’s a shift in mentality with each new generation. The current young generation requires fast gameplay and even faster multiplayer with all kinds of perks and other stuff. Tactics and slower gameplay does not fit them. You can literally see it in every new shooter or multiplayer game out there lately. It’s not fun for older gamers like myself who grew up with slower, more tactile games.

Gears 5 has slower movement than 4 and 3.

It has the highest skill lancer. With a clip half the size gears 3.

The shotgun is the most consistent and balanced both for core and competitive play.

Is there something specific in the game you’re talking about?


I was talking in general, not specifically aimed at this game.

I can’t tell if you are joking or not about all of what you just said, but I really hope you are.


this was the same reason why the Retro and Sawed-Off were introduced. it tried to bridge the skill gap and the core audience hated it.

if your going to take the mantle of Gears of War then it comes with the expectation of Gnashers to the face. if you don’t like that then perhaps make a new IP and leave the franchise to others who will follow what we like about the game.

the Coalition had a choice to make Gears or do something new. they’re stuck with it now

Multiplayer is trash & Ryan Cleven needs to go …


Man this guy needs to go, guy is pretty much killing gears.

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Wait! What? The shotgun is most balanced? I hope to good lord your not referring to the gnasher in gears 5! If so your credibility went out the window!
The gnasher in gears 5 is a mechanical nightmare, that shoots nukes! Kills people that are not even on the screen, and makes no sense whatsoever! I’m steady killing kids with missed blind fires and backpacking people!!


I like playing core modes; we have embraced the gnasher. It’s the core part of the Versus game. We spent a time of time polishing it. We love that game.

That doesn’t mean there can’t be a playlist for players that want to play differently. it just sounds like you don’t want other people to play the game.

That was a trash post.

How? You’re saying Gears 5 is bad?

Oh yes. For all the people saying bring back Epic you clearly have some revisionist thinking about that time. Epic was like TC but so disconnected from their fanbase we had people in the chat explaining to their lead MP designer what basic concepts were like a superman or a pop shot was. For all the flak we give TC, TC does get the game at the level the experienced players do and you can tell they are at least somewhat conflict about certain decisions. Epic had no respect for anything but money what so ever. They would’ve taken the gnasher out full stop if it meant they made another dollar in profits.


I have to disagree with you on this. I have been enjoying the game a lot. The campaign was amazing, VS is great (needs some tweeting), Escape is pretty good, and Horde is better than I expected with the locked characters.

But thats me



I’m the opposite but I can understand this :+1:

I love this game compared to 4 but lol i would be ecstatic if the gnasher was tossed as we discussed games are so much more fun with it as a power weapon.

You get to actually have a gun fight😂

How did peic only have respect for anything but money what so ever? as all i see from TC is moiney grabbing t**ts who ruined the franchise, gears is done coz of them end of.

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