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So Mr. Ryan Cleven, i just read the interview with Polygon!

You are saying:“Gears is that kind of game that, whenever I go into it, I get shotgunned in the face and I don’t know why”!!! That was your explanation for how you decided to change some of the game’s aspect!!! With all due respect I can tell you why, because as a beginner i used to get shotgunned in the face and get out without a single kill, why? because i needed more time to get involved that’s why, not because the game was unplayable, and i remember how much i enjoyed struggling for 2/3 months so to get better using the gnasher, and more and more time to get some wallbouncing kills, the game was perfect and challenging, now you can camp anywhere and get out with 10+ kills and this sucks!

Good Luck anyway!

PS: Ryan Cleven is The Coalition’s multiplayer design director.


So we talk to him

This right here…to ALL you people saying CLif B needs to return he had the same problem and wanted to do away with the gnasher…just saying


Go for it. How will you contact him?


Bring him back because he’s got personality at least then we can petition to get rid of him after.

Game is so dull and stale under this current leadership.


Lawbreakers was really well done too, even though it was called out for being an “Overwatch clone,” (which it is not), but I know Rod has said in the past he wasn’t happy with the direction Cliff wanted to go with Gears, and cited Judgement as their big division.

So I wonder if the game would resemble Judgement more than what we have now if EPIC remained what it was.

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Saw another Polygon article saying Gears 5 borrows mechanics from Xcom 2 :smile:


For me I have been enjoying the game. Just knowing what Gears 4 was at the beginning to what it became i really see this entry being one of the best

Also Im just tired of seeing the we need Cliff B back threads. People are acting like he was the ONLY person involved with Gears of War. Like there wasnt over 100 people working on the Gears series at a given time. He was the sole creator and sole producer and sole developer


Leadership is what counts.

Ryan’s vision for MP will be implemented by the many people working on the game.

Wrong vision and direction will ruin the game.

And that’s what I am seeing from what we have got.

It’s no good to say “it’s only the start” - this is the base core game.

I at least enjoyed 4 from the get go.


Can we have 1 thread without the god almighty cliffy b getting mentioned, last thing we need is EPIC taking back the reigns, its already fortnight without the building


He doesn’t seem to care or grasp what makes gears exiting to play

Saying something like that tells me that this is frighteningly like someone who knows nothing about what makes gears great.

When were OP easy mode (large clip, low recoil, long range) rifles ever fun.

He let the TTK get this low in general when gears doesn’t suit it or want it.


I presume they got their wires crossed with Gears Tactics but that is still pretty funny.

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Sorry buddy but if you really know anything about the gears franchise you would be begging EPIC to take back the reigns and save whats left of this game .you must be forgetting that they made gears unique game and all that gears is or in this case was, so yes please give it back to the mother company because this game needs saving .:v:

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It’s his leadership people want ,that is why they want Cliff back and his visions for making extraordinary decisions on the game, Im sure we all know there were hundreds of people working on the game but he tipped the scale.

We are already doing this… seems legit

OP is taking the “shotgunned” quote out of context. Cleven was explaining how the new arcade mode is meant to ease new players into gears MP without them immediately having to deal with gnasher fights, which can be a hurdle for them. We can debate whether or not this is a good idea, but it’s inaccurate to say he was talking about de-emphasizing the gnasher in the core multiplayer experience. He was talking specifically about arcade.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that getting shotgunned and not knowing how/why was a huge issue in Gears 4 even if you’ve been with the franchise since 2006. Movement was so fast that the game frequently outpaced itself in online play, and the on-screen visuals often did a poor job of letting you know how you died. So far I think Gears 5 does a better job of not having you just be gibbed without knowing exactly when/where the opponent fired. It’s one of the benefits of slowing the pace down a bit.


Nah, they specifically said the ally system is akin to Xcom 2 mechanics. I immediately told google to stop showing me anything from Polygon.

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Regardless he has still made one of the worst MP experiences to date for seemingly no reason other that money paradoxically contradictory to what casual trends are showing these days.

So they will lose long term gears fans and lose all the new players too who wont buy nay of their cosmetics.

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Cliff wasn’t involved in the development of Gears Judgment. Chris Wynn made a fair amount of the decisions there as lead producer whereas a lot of the messed up multiplayer decisions were made by Quinn DelHoyo.

I spent months trying to get good myself. Sad to see they’ve gone all in on the newcomers at the expense of the core base.

Campaign is good, escape is good, horde is probably OK (haven’t tried it much)

But versus is a generic mess and it’s always been my go-to. So far I’ve played it the least. It’s sad. It gives me the feeling of playing GoW4’s Arms Race, no matter what game mode I’m in.

If they dial back aim assist in ALL ranked modes, not just escalation then that’s a huge step in the right direction. Still a ways to go, but it’ll be something.

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