So match penalties for getting booted off servers, that are worse than gears 4, some b.s

We were told we were to have faster better servers than gears 4 yet I have 1 gig internet in the heart of seattle and i only ever get into matches where i have 80 and up ping, this is much worse than gears 4, if there is such a huge amount of people playing why am I playing games hosted thousands of miles away? I dont think I’ve played one match based on the west coast area at all and why? This is extremely frustrating considering we were promised faster better game play, it’s not what was promised in fact its 2× worse I never once had a connection of 60ping on gears 4 ever but fir what ever reason I’m constantly being put into matches where my average ping is 80, and every one in the match is 80 to 100 and it’s nothing but a horrible time the whole time, gears 5 breaks at these levels all the problems from the previous gears game only apear on gears 5 when the ping go over 50, charchrers disappearing and reappearing, people shooting where I was previously standing and killing me, people shooting out of the back of there heads and elbows , this is rediculous