So many ugly maps

I would argue bigger doesn’t mean better for Gears. Just look at Regency or Pahanu. Sure, they look great, but the way they play is kinda awful… especially for PvE.

Regardless of the size, if it doesnt play well, that should be the deciding factor.

The size of those maps partially contributes to them playing badly, Pahanu especially.

Pahanu is too open, a map can be big but still play well.

If the enemies take three minutes to get to your side of the map in Horde due to sheer size, that isn’t my idea of “plays well” because it literally just draws everything out unnecessarily, but also makes it nearly impossible to pull back from a tough spot if you have to abandon your base because there’s enemies literally everywhere due to it taking so long for them to get to you if they spawn anywhere that isn’t in the middle of it.

Its how they all are. They hate it but never shut up about it. I swear the people who hate TC or Gears 5 talk more about them than the people who like the games.

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I’m mainly talking about versus, it’s hard for maps to be both excellent at pve and pvp.

But they can be decent for both and not be blatantly designed for one mode only.

If TC wasn’t completely awful at making dedicated maps for modes, judging by the Escape fiasco, I would suggest exactly that while still keeping the shared maps.

Out of everything that you couldve said, facts came out.

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I wouldn’t change the way they make maps, horde dedicated maps are bland and uninspiring. Plus they are unfun.

Because they just recycled Escape tiles to make the Horde specific maps, rather than a fully dedicated attempt.

That, but how would one actually design one?

That’s why I like the way they make maps for both versus and multi, the way I play gridlock on koth or exe varies how I play gridlock on horde.

They don’t pay me to come up with the map designs, that’s all I can say there.

And if TC stopped making certain maps be blatantly favorable to Versus, and absolutely no fun to play in Horde, like Regency or Pahanu, this wouldn’t even be a point of contention.

Their focus is versus, of course they are going to be versus orientated. Out of those two maps you listed that are bad, every other versus map is actually decent to play in. District and ice bound are also bad but they are also bad in versus too.

And it doesn’t have to be so bad that it’s literally plainly obvious Horde was a complete afterthought to the map design process. That’s the entire point I’m trying to make.

The only reason why I’m not aiding with you is because most of the TC maps in gears are playable for both versus and horde, if it wasn’t that way, I’d be agreeing with you.

But since I dont believe its unfair, if it ain’t broke why fix it?

They should base every gears 6 map on Tyro station and Mansion they are massive but works perfectly with close combat areas

That’s what I mean when I say gears should have big maps not pahanu god no :joy::joy: no cover on that map it’s too open that and bunker are probably the worst maps on gears 5

I could find a million different things where TC forgot about this saying, but that’s a different subject of its own.

And my take is, don’t design a map almost exclusively for one thing only when it is going to be used for two.

Fortunately for them, they are actually doing a good job.

Also on gears 6 they should just design maps for just horde that would be better than using pvp maps for horde