So many ugly maps

Why are all the maps green and brown? Did they think this is what people meant when they said they like dark maps? So they made them look like actual ■■■■?

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It actually did go from greyscale to greenscale I swear.

We’re just never happy, are we?


is for us to combine with the franchise, dark and gritty doesn’t sound like a very happy thing, that’s why we can’t afford the feeling of happiness

Image result for sad emperor palpatine

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My hero :grin:.

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Gears fans? Happy? I’ve heard of this emotion, I thought it was just a myth. Can people actually be happy?

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Map complaining post. Lovely.

Means I can grumble about the maps TC still owe us buyers of the Gears 4 Season Pass, as foggy this, slightly tweaked launch map reissue that, did not, do not, and will never count.


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The simpletons can.

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TC maps are literally the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen from the gears series.


Village, Pahanu, Ritual, Ephyra? They even messed up Clocktower with this nasty intestinal appearance.

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Clocktower had nothing going for it.

The swarm look is great.

The maps you listed are very pretty as well.


So beautiful the maps make you feel so sick with beauty…
I look at training grounds and think to myself those blue pallets are so amazing I wish I could of thought of a more beautiful map I think of every day every map should look like halo… (training grounds)

Apart from there newest dlc they look like gears they’re going in the right direction with those maps. the launch maps are the worst maps Iv seen in any gears game, gears of war 4 had better maps.


I love your comparisons :joy:

Every map that’s ever been made from TC looks like gears

Rare Yamaha W.

Judgement probably had better maps than TC

It’s so funny how a person who hates TC so much spends so much time playing their games.


I know I’m playing it right now I’m a hypocrite

I’m glad you admit it but you just look foolish, the maps are really not that bad. They are tailored to the new era, which is why I prefer them over epics. Some of epics have not aged well and would need some revamping to bring back.

Like Escalation and Thrashball.

Just because I play it doesn’t mean I like the maps I play it cause I like the gameplay not the maps I’m a true gears fan I just love gears every game from epic games and coalition I play loads cause I just love gears

Escalation was really popular I miss that map that was really original one side you spawn with 2 snipers at the bottom that was heaven

The difference between Epic games maps and TC is that TC maps are really campy so that’s an L they all need revamping or deleted and there too small gears maps should be bigger maps it suits gears better

Most of the TC maps are not small, they are decently sized. If it’s not the size of Raven Down, I dont consider it small.

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