So Many Issues!

No game is perfect at launch, but damn this game needs improvement. Campaign was fun, horde and escape are decent, but damn ranked multiplayer is broken. Starting with the
connection issues and absolutely horrendouss ranking/matchmaking system.

5 consecutive placement matches against parties of sweaty , wall bouncing wanna be esports try hards does not make for an accurate or fair Matchmaking system. I wish they would place parties against other parties and singles against singles. Nothing wrong with playing by yourself but typically you have to carry a team of noobs against try hard parties, even in silver rank. Everyone likes competition but damn it constantly puts 5 randoms against optic gaming type squads that look way too good for their rank. Party only escalation would be better, try hard parties against other try hard parties. It’s like you literally can’t play ranked as a lone wolf type player without losing even if you grab MVPs.

Let’s talk ranked weapon tuning. The escalation gnasher needs work. In a game where TC mocks it’s horrible “83%” damage from gears 4 on the map District with the “83% Soda advert” wow way to keep that trend going strong! I have had 1 shot for 99% so many times it’s so frustrating. 1 for 99, 1 for 98,96 etc. If you one shot someone and get frickin 99% and they kill you?! No that is trash. They should make it so that 1 shot for 90%+ should result in a down everytime because that is the most nonsense thing ever.You put lancer/pistol bullet damage than go for the gib…x shots for 99%, REALLY!!! They want 2 shot kills with gnasher in order to nerf gnasher battles, TC even said they are trying to shy away from all the gnasher battles in order to tend to noobs, but in the good ol days these 80-99% shots would be kills or at least a down. This is like the missing .1% of hand sanitizer that doesn’t kill germs or the one doctor out of 10 that doesn’t recommend a oral care product…fix this please! 1 shot for 90+ % should be a down or gib.

The lancer damage for competitive needs to nerfed quite a bit. It seems to have much more damage and accuracy than gears 4, tone it down a bit, it sucks to get lazered all the time.

Also whoever is picking weapons on Escalation should ALWAYS have the final pick. When you are down by one and go to place a dropshot at spawn and they put an embar or Longshot…facepalm. These randoms vote for ■■■■ get majority vote and andu are the one leading the team getting to pick but ultimately lose out die to idiots not knowing how to pick. Same idiots who are 1 kill and 20 deaths.

And if someone rage quits the game PLEASE! Just end the match. 4v5 or 3v5 is always a loss. People rage quit everyday and nothing is done about it. Just end the game and punish the quitters.

Map rotation needs some spice too, always the same maps over and over.

And finally fix the garbage Tour of duty! This tour of duty is a purposefully misleading operation or “battle pass” style system that intentionally includes 80% garbage filler items like banners, blood sprays, and emotes…they even took 2 basic emotes we already have thanks and thumbs up and they made a separate emote combining the 2 of them, talk about cheap and greedy. And the other 20% of the unlockables being good not great items that well at least they are not ridiculous blood sprays or emotes. They are locked behind a grindy time consuming system that forces you to play boring modes like escape and horde in order to earn medals to rank up . A better system would use a time algorithm so that the more you play the more you earn, rather than forcing us to play the new escape mode, horde or constantly grind for challenges when majority of us rather just play versus or do our own thing not be forced to beat challenges locked behind specific gamemodes.

And in regards to horde and escape a lot of chatter surrounding the characters and how they should use classes to separate the skills/abilities rather than attach them to specific characters. This is why there are not as many characters available at launch and that is a huge disappointment. And only variations of campaign characters from the dumb tour of duty. Apparently they want each individual cog character to have their own skills and abilities. lol gonna be a long year of content drops with this garbage system.

Can’t forget the good ol store too! ■■■■■■ items for sky high prices! And TC ranted and raved about gears 5s no RNG lootbox microT system! What a disappointment. How is that newly added chrome steel uni considered legendary? Wow that doesn’t look good for the future. The most basic uni ever and gotta pay for it.

Hate to complain but so far this game is becoming boring and frustrating due to the aforementioned problems, and the tour of duty might be at the top of the list. Same reason I have quit many other microtransaction controlled games. You desire new content but instead have to grind for useless items and variants or waste money in the store for items that aren’t even that great. Every battle pass everywhere 90% filler and maybe 10% decent usable items., Gears 5 looks to be a copycat for that dollar bill.

I feel like this is going the direction of a lot of ridiculous up and coming store items. Look out for vacation swarm drone next! Fitted in his Hawaiian button down shirt! Or trick or treat imago in a ridiculous costume lol Guaranteed trick or treat emotes and day of the dead coming next. This game has dropped off from realistic to laughable and ridiculous.

Still enjoy playing the game but damn please patch this soon! You can drop better TC

Do you know how percentages work??? While I do agree with the inconsistencies, 90% isnt 100%. Thats not how it works. People need to stop saying this.

The percentages are inaccurate and inconsistent…bottom line. When you are 2 feet away or even 3 or 4 feet and get a 96, 99 percent shot…Then get one shotted from the same distance or further??? That’s no good. Throughout gears 4 TC went through many tunings and I’m sure they will be fixing this soon. Why tell me that I did 99.99999 damage when ultimately it expected me to fire off 2 shots but end up getting 1 shotted myself. Clips on clips on clips of this garbage tuning. Seen it with pro players too.

It’s a feedback system that tells me I did 99% damage on 1 shot or sometimes multiple shots. You go back and try to adjust your shots and then get 1 for 96 or lancer shots plus a nice slug at close range for 99%.

For me its all about range. If they increase the
damage at range slightly it will take away those horrible frustrating misses. When they did this in gears 4 it made the smoothest most Savage gansher ever. The shots that look.and feel like they should be gibs are gibs but once you are far out of that killzone it will require more than 1 hit.

Or honestly I know it sounds dumb but 99% on one shot should always be a down , it just doesn’t make sense. How are we supposed to be 1% more accurate? What they want is more competitive gansher battles that last more than one shot.

The one shot gibs still come but I have seen the 1 for 99s hundreds of times since beta, others have too.

Im not disagreeing with you about the inconsistencies. But 99% isnt 100%. If they do what you are suggesting then the lancer needs to down at 99% and with that every other weapon. Then people will start complaining that they did 98% and that should be a down.

Regardless, they need to do something. The fact that they reference this same problem from the previous game with a joke is alarming. And it’s even worse this time around because gears 4 it would be 83 percent or low 90s but now its 99more often than not.

I hear you though, people complained when they attempted to fix this issue in gears4 when they increased the damage at range values and it made for a Savage amazing gnasher experience. No missed 1 shots and 2 or 3 shot battles that felt great even at a distance.