So many great campaign locations could have been maps

Gears 5 has some of the coolest campaign locations in the series that they could have made multiplayer maps but they didn’t. Just in act 1 alone the ball room with the disco ball, the theatre room, the mansion the fight the first flock in, the war torn streets. Act 2 in niles lab. The most goes on. How come they didn’t use locations from campaign to create maps?


I would like the Rocket hanger in ACT-3 to be a multiplayer map.

The attention to detain in the Rocket hanger is just phenomenal. TC really did a fantastic job on it.

I really hope we see it in Operation 8.


Yeah lot of real cool locations in the campaign but why use those for brand new maps when you can just port a gears 4 map over?


I hate how often they have maps sorta from the campaign, but not really… ala Icebound is supposed to be from the Village that Oscar is in… but really the only relation is the rift worm bones on the outside of it. Vasgar is meh too, they could have done the airport itself, but alas.

I get having to make tweaks so they line up evenly from spawn to spawn… but they could still get closer to the material IMO, but that’s just my take.


they need to make gears 6 a dark, gloomy warzone like how gears 1-2 was.

like gears 4 Impact (night) is a great example.
tomb are all great examples of how the maps should look.

also please make the game a bit darker.

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How Nile’s Lab never made it to multiplayer is a damn mystery. I mean come on!:

It was practically begging to be a map!


We got clocktower, gridlock and blood drive back what more do you want?

Don’t tell me you actually want new content


Why, a Dark Foundation map of course!

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Thts what I mean. Beautiful. Can’t believe they didn’t do anything with this

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Gears 5s launch maps are based on the campaign lol

Ephyra is literally stripped from act IV.

Tomb is also act IV

Its just not every location we go to in 5s campaign has been made into a map.

District is based off of Settlement 2, but on a section we didn’t really see much if at all during the campaign.

Exhibit is also a location not featured in the campaign in any form, as it is most likely supposed to represent one of various museums throughout Settlement 2.

Vasgar, well, obviously based off of the same name location but in some airport building that looks like a Hammer of Dawn strike went right into the middle of it.

Icebound, well, obviously takes the Riftworm Village as inspiration but doesn’t particularly resemble anything from it. But then again, I find that is mostly the case for MP maps.

Bunker, not based off of anything in 5s story.

Asylum? I don’t recall anything in Gears 5s campaign it would be based off of. It’s just some random location in the middle of nowhere with a background given to it.

Training Grounds also isn’t strictly based off of a campaign location but rather is meant to be a representation of the Boot Camp area ~30 years later.

So you have 4 out of 7 launch maps based on locations featured in the main campaign. For post launch maps, well, as it was said, Tomb and Ephyra. I suppose you could limitedly also say Regency which is some building in New Ephyra, but, while we haven’t gotten to explore any of the city outside of cutscenes, I don’t recall seeing anything as large as to reach into clouds and where you could overlook basically the entirety of it.

Not really including Pahanu as it was in like half a year prior to the Hivebuster DLC and feels more like a swamp area under a giant tree at the foot of the volcano than the actual Pahanu jungle. Then again, I don’t exactly know too much about jungle environments either…

Everything else is Gears 4 ports, or River. Maybe TC should either commit to a full map builder project in 6 or just build modes in such a way that they could work with those maps, or make sure they can actually put out traditional maps alongside something like the tile system was supposed to be for Escape, even if they don’t make a map builder of it.


If this happens I hope you’re prepared to be on your knees bowing repeatedly

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RIP to Stasis II

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That’s every map except Escalation which is the same layout in Gears1 campaign and multiplayer.

Checkout is inspired by the supermarket in Hanover in Gears3,
Blood Drive is inspired by the hospital in gears 2.

…Rustlung, sandbar, Process, Nexus, Dawn, Gridlock, River, Avalanche, Dam, reclaimed, etc. All inspired by and reminiscent of campaign segments but never exact.

Always, especially on weekends.

A few missed opportunities for sure. A lot of people pointed it out at the time but imagine if TC launched a Nile’s Lab map with the Escape from Kadar event that would have been a nice touch.

I wonder what the final maps will be in Op 8. Edit: Is TC going to once again split them between two drops because I hope not

Which doesn’t dispute my point at all lol.

There’s a high chance TC’s gonna add only ONE new map, port only ONE GoW4 map and split them between TWO drops.

After Operation 6 and 7, I can safely assume that TC’s promise - “at least 2 maps per operation” means “only 2 maps per operation”. After all, 2≥2, TC still keeps their promise.

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I honestly never understood the two drop thing because we know the content is already made so why keep up the charade that it is “more content more often” nonsense.
We will also get two horde maps which didn’t make it into the game with Op7. I can’t wait for TC to crow about the 4 maps we are getting in Op8.

Some ideas for environmental hazards on this map:

  1. If you shoot the tanks, it would coat the floor adjacent to it with a slimy liquid. Wallbouncing and roadie running is temporarily disabled, till the liquid evaporates.

  2. The map must include a ‘lower level’, where there is mist permanently, so visibility is reduced.
    Upper levels are free of mist, but valuable power weapons are present inside the mist, so you have to move below.

  3. A valve when operated can release freezing gases to block off specific power weapons. There is a cooldown period between successive valve operations.

Not saying all three of these should be present in the map all at once, but even one environmental hazard is more than sufficient.