So many crashes on pc

Hi i come with a common complaint which happens serveral times a day even several times a hour its about 50/50 to happen is when i leave a horde match on pc for whatever reason my game freezes instantly when i get back to the main menu. So I have to reboot the game see all the microsoft propeganda again and the ever present unskippable cutscenes again which i have seen a million times already. Its even worse when playing masters Escape where you fail alot but every 1 in 2 times i go back to the main when i fail the game crashes again… if this game had achievements for waiting and watching certain cutscenes 1000 times i would have gained atleast a billion gamerscore. Fix the cutscenes and the stability its not acceptiable that my 2080ti is getting playdough graphics every time i do a sudden movement its rediculous that the xbox one x runs better then a 5 times more powerful machine…

If you haven’t already tried, turn off game bar and disable any over clocking on your GPU - this stopped all freezes for me on gears 4 and the same on gears 5.

Good luck!

The first solution to game-crashing is usually to download a software called DDU to fully uninstall your current GPU drivers. Then go to Nvidia’s website and try some older drivers until you find one that works. If that doesn’t solve the issue, try to see if game crashes are only occurring on Gears 5 or if it’s a widespread issue for your GPU. I’m using an RTX 2080 and the game runs flawlessly on my end.