So lets talk about this K/D bs

You can farm CO-OP vs AI to get your K/D up :man_shrugging:

I mean I get it. Gears is so BRO…that everyone must be the broest of the bro’s. Even the characters armor wears armor. I mean we might as well get a measurement of everyone’s Johnson b/c the ones with the highest k/d ratio must unquestionably have the largest meat swords. I mean god damn, what’s wrong with playing a video game just because its fun and you enjoy the competition. God that sounds so lame and so un-bro to say. Stay Bro everyone. Get them K/d rates up before your wiener just disappears and you become an androgynous eunich. .

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FUNKDOKTOR, great post with some great points and I couldn’t agree more.

Had the pleasure a couple of weekends ago to be invited to play alongside 2 masters players . (KOTH)

It was an eye-opener, …

They were simply killing machines…

Thats all they were about . And after the 1st round (which we lost) had the most eliminations, points and least caps and breaks.

I probably had the most deaths, a stat you can’t see but they gave me no support when trying to cap or, definitely when I (and the other 2 guys in the team) wree attacking the ring …

They knew spawn points, stood on corners for cheap kills and basically I won’t be playing with them again …

I’m finding this in most, not all KOTH games.

The MVP player rarely has the most caps. Usually less than half of my total and less !

That guy with the most caps is mid to bottom table on the team where before the fk’in stupid cap n break point changes used to be top …

Which is how it should be in an object based game …

Masters players will argue that less opponents help us to break and cap, well get outta here !!


If they were slaying the opposing team and you were losing the hill, that means you didn’t do your part. They are making it easier for you to have to hill, but you still need to win your own fights.

I mean K/D does matter in certain gamemodes. TDM/Warzone/Execution/Arms Race you could make arguments for Arcade too.

Doesn’t matter so much in KOTH/Escalation, tho this time around with lives it kind of does.

Guardian again not so much as respawns are near infinite.

But in the above gamemodes, if you are dying more than you’re killing, you’re hurting your team as opposed to helping, literally.

But, as far as knowing the game goes, K/D doesn’t mean much, you can be 100% aware of the fundamentals and understand everything about the game and not be a “pro”

I used to enjoy looking at my K/D and comparing to others back in Gears 2 but that’s when you could see everyone stats post match. That’s all there really was to compare to see if it was a good team or not.

I still look at my personal K/D to see if I’m improving or not. That’s the only way for me to tell since the ranking system is garbage.

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