So let me get these leaderboards straight

A player who was Master ranked in every previous season but who can only play on the weekends due to having a life outside of video games will be lower on the leaderboard than the gold player who’s on every day for hours at a time? Do I understand that correctly?




Looks like yes. Similar to gears of war 3 ranking system. The more you play the higher your score gets.


On a separate note - what was scoring system in g4?
I wasn’t playing every day but I did get to onyx2. I believe it was all about winning the matches, right?

From what I remember, pretty much. That is why it was better to play with a stack; increasing your chances of winning.

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No system is perfect but like I work 12 hour days 5 days a week. So this system may not work out for me.

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Yeah I mean, my summer is pretty booked and then I got school in the fall. I doubt I’ll get very high in this system lol.

That the trouble with accumulative leaderboards, hence why there’s never been much point to them.

Should be renamed loserboarrds :wink: j/k


We should rather care about the SBMM instead of a silly leaderboard which grants low tier skins

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I just don’t get it. I could care less about leaderboards. I like to play to see what tier I can achieve in a particular game type. Now there is nothing to aim for and presumably , no separation of players via skill level. Unless I’m missing something you can end up with Bronze and Silver level players along with Masters players in the same match. Which seems absurd and unbalanced to say the least. Am I wrong?

After playing two ranked matches of Control I got bored and turned it off. It feels like Quickplay now

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I keep thinking I am misunderstanding this system and its not as dumb as I think it is.


I don’t get this mentality. First there are none stop complains that reaching Master is too easy and now it’s gonna be complaints that 1k is too hard to reach.

The SBMM is probably the exact same broken ■■■■■■■■ it was before - I do appreciate the ingame-messages that promises “balanced matches” though.

They’ve clearly done it cos soon enough they won’t have the manpower to carry on with ranked updates etc whilst working on the next title, so a never ending leaderboard makes sense somewhat.

It needs to be monitored though cos if you’ve got hackers and boosters taking the piss it’s all a waste of time.

You are conflating definitions. Difficulty in reaching master rank and difficulty in climbing the leaderboards are two separate things. The former required (or should have required)a high level of skill to obtain. The latter merely requires time commitment, which is really dumb in a “competitive” mode.


Yes, but the ranks are still there (SBMM), they’re just not shown publicly anymore. It is probably the exact same system.

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It’s failing upwards so nobody is sad. Sounds like a win for everyone. Can we now get the confetti kill animation from halo next?

4 observations…

It’s Gears 5 PvP.

Leaderboards that only reflect time spent / time boosting are as worthless as the time spent playing / boosting them.


It’s Gears 5 PvP.

Any one of the above should be a massive red flag. Woeful PvP with meaningless rewards.

At least we can all spot the no-lifers each week / season / whatever.


Like @o_F_3_R_R_3_T_o pointed out, this system would have been great last year when we were all virtually no-lifers and everyone spent their days on Netflix and video games.


Yeah I suppose.

But it was still Gears 5 PvP, so there was still that rather large issue haha!


  • Only E-Sports players are able to achieve the top 1000.
  • Players who play for 12+ hours a day are more likely to achieve the top 1000.

Players who have a working job and others who are pursuing a college degree have no chance to reach the top.

Whatever. Its fine.

I’m just going to play for fun, and have a good time with my friends.