So it's Gears 4.5

So I think I played a good amount of time, reached diamond in koth fairly easy but honestly this game (tech test) is so dull. Gameplay to me feels exactly like Gears 4. It’s just boring and I know this is how it is going to be when released, I mean who are you kidding nothing is gonna improve the game to make versus fun . However I’m still looking foward to the campgain and that’s about it.

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You can’t fix what isn’t broken, the Gears formula works and has worked for over a decade.


Don’t worry there are plenty of other people that will enjoy it.

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This is true.

Gears 2 was like 1.5.

Judgement was like 3.8.

4 and 5 are similar, but idk what else I’d expect. Destiny 1&2 feel similar. All the CODs feel the same. Titanfall, Assassin’s Creed Origins/Odyssey. Shadow of War/Mordor.

Ain’t broke. Don’t fix it, or else you over correct and break it worse.


Gears 5 doesn’t feel like 4.

It’s more of a Blend of 3 and Judgement.

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That is definitely true, nothing like gears 4

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I see a lot of post saying the arcade mode feels like judgement. I haven’t played arcade so I don’t know and even then I honestly don’t remember Judgement that much, so if gameplay in rank feels like Judgement then I assume that means it’s bad?, because as I recall a lot of people don’t like Judgement. It honestly just felt like Gears 4 to me just slowerish . Have you liked it so far?

The whole game feels like Judgement.

Which is bad as it’s the worst one.

4 has the best feel and movement and sadly, that’s now gone with 5.

3 was the most enjoyable of the fast pace Gears games tho.

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Not for me.

It was a dead game, boring.

In no way, shape or form was Judgment in any possible way superior to Gears 3 .

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Gears 3 was legendary . I played it daily (and religiously) for 5 1/2 years, it was very active.

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TDM no DLC squad right here!

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