So it may be confirmed that Shepherd Enforcers hit harder than Imago Enforcers

In some Reflect Shell tests, I got some interesting results:
image image

Thought I’d share this for those who are suspicious.
Oh and the player damage is assumed to be 15 percent of the reflect shell damage since that is what it appeared to be. May be wrong but it appeared to be as such. Will need to test it some more.
EDIT: The difficulty goes from Beginner to Master from top to bottom just to be clear.


Wouldn’t be surprised since they are more accurate as well. I like DeeBees, but they definitely are one of the most brutal things to get in endgame Horde.


By the way, these are without More Lethal.
So that means if the player damage is accurate (which it may vary based on enemy and weapon) you would go down in just 4 shots at point blank which seems just a little low but only a little.

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I’m just gonna go and say they are completely overtuned nonetheless. How does anyone make an enemy that is tougher, less stupid and moves at a similar speed to the Imago without stopping in place randomly in open grounds, then give it more damage/accuracy with exactly the same weapon and call it “balanced”? Because that’s literally the exact opposite of it.


Haven’t you forgotten that consistency isn’t TC’s forte?

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You obviously saw some of the stuff I posted in the discord showing that is indeed true. Looks like the Sniper is the same way. Thanks TC.
Edit: It’s even worse!

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No, I just like to get annoyed at stupidity in games [on forums]. The Shepherd is one big piece of balancing stupidity to poke at.

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Ohhh, yeah, but come one, this whole game is like that…

Their main way of making the game “tougher” or “more skillful” is all about things they can tweak by changing numbers in a config file: health… Weapon damage… Movement speed…

Increase for enemies… Decrease for us…

How about the balance of the ice scion? It just looks at you, from a mile away, and you are frozen… Even in the silverback… And when we use it, even with Gunner’s card, it is barely a pale shadow of that…

Freezing snipers? A single shot, on wave 4, freezes you completely… Like WTF are you supposed to do? Ohh, yeah: “dont get hit”. Thanks, TC…

Lets not even talk about that fact that all enemies see you through walls… AND they react to your shot the instant you pull the trigger, even before the Boom/Drop leaves your weapon, lol…

Ohh, well…

It is what it is…

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Yeah they can be brutal. Im glad there’s a few outlier enemies that can be particularly difficult though.

I’m fine with Shepards being a tougher standard infantry-type enemy. The Swarm has the deadlier heavies, so let the DeeBees have better standard infantry. DeeBees also don’t have elite variants. It goes straight from Shepard and Deadeye to DR-1 which would be the equivalent of a Scion.

Regardless of health and damage numbers, Deadeyes are easier than Drones with a longshot because the EMBAR is just easier to deal with. It also happens to be god awful in the player’s hands too.

As an aside, I’m not a huge fan of different enemy types firing a gun harder outside of difficulty modifiers. I’d prefer damage be dealt by weapon. The Shepards could have been tankier and more accurate and still be harder than Imagos.


this thread has sorta spiked my interest in pve again. now watch as I boot up the game only for it to be garbage mutators.

It’s absolutely nothing special. Unless you like shielded Grenadiers.

I don’t. no matter I’ll just play a non-daily map that will totally fill.

Sounds fair to me, but I might only be going back around with January. Partly because I then have an excuse when TC lets us have access to the Helmetless skin of a certain character again.

I thought that’s already a well known Fact but good to see my Mind wasn’t playing tricks on me lol.

The Enforcer is literally designed to be used by Shepherds. It makes sense to me that it’d be more deadly in their hands than clumsy meat hands.

Peace Makers get the Enforcer that shreds.

Imagos get enforcers that are a little weaker but they never have to reload.

Enforcers are just scary in PvE.

I doubt that Russians using an AK-47 would make the bullets stronger though… The accuracy thing, maybe to a point if robots could control the recoil better but I guess that would need to apply to other weapons too.

Specially-coded Enforcer firing firmware that produces perfectly-timed micro movements in the Shepherds’ servos, timed precisely to each firing of the weapon. This reduces the effective recoil of the weapon and ensures more kinetic energy from the firing action is transferred to the projectile rather than the gun, increasing the accuracy and the amount of force the bullets deliver to the target.


… and “realism”, or whatever the correct word in that context would be, still has no real relevance to explain it as a balancing factor for why they do more damage. Certainly not in an MP mode.