So it ended on the 9th

so i finally hit re up 10, today…and i was to late i guess? anybody else think the 9th was the last day to get the challenges done? im very frustrated with my lack of clarity and all the work i did for nothing.

Today was the last day.

It clearly says it on the challenge.


“Lack of clarity”

Challenge Ends on 9th June at 10am PST.


where did you find that? the only thing i saw was it saying it ends in 17 days from the 22nd. i figured the 9th would be the last day. im not trying to be a ■■■■■ but that coupled with the 9th being a Sunday made me think it ended on the 10th.

Where did it find it?

When you click into the actual challenge via achievements.

I’m sure you’ve unlocked at least one before.

And it did end on the 9th.

Clearly says so.

You’ve had an immense amount of time to complete a relatively easy challenge - unless you literally started playing once it was announced, would you really have any issues but even then, 2x XP is default now with plenty of 4x XP events.

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i actually didn’t have one done. I had only beaten the campaign on normal and i was re up 6 when it started. i was also pretty late to the party. i I didnt even know this was up until 1 month and a half ago. for the record. i also said “my lack of clarity”. not the lack of clarity in general.

A few days ago I had reinstalled the Gears 4 on my xbox and saw the challenges of the Gilded RAAM and really wanted to do them. I asked friends for help to do the challenges and I had completed the million points and the campaign and only remained to be Re-Up 10, had played the horde of “Juvie Madness” to upload fast. Yesterday I went Re-Up 9 level 76 and I wanted to finish it today but when it was Re-Up 10 it had already been an hour. There is no way to achieve the achievement now?

The challenge was for that time, if you missed it, you have no choice but to move on :+1:

On the bright side a new challenge start tommorrow for more characters so here is the info for that!!

While Gilded RAAM was meant to be for the most hardcore dedicated Gears 4 players out there, the remaining Challenges have been designed to be more approachable and achievable for everyone – though respectable in their own right.

The first 5 Challenges will go live in Gears of War 4 tomorrow, June 10th, at 10am PT.

The last 5 Challenges will go live on August 1st at 10am PT.

All 10 Challenges end on September 2nd at 10am PT.

Good Luck!

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Didn’t realize it was over. I had to play parts on the campaign again because glitches caused it to say I didn’t complete parts of it. But, I didn’t bother. Guess I just lost interest in the skins.

Where did you read that the next set of challenges start tomorrow?

its on the website

scroll all the way down.

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Interesting. I’m busy looking at some of the stills / pictures from that link. There seems to be some kind of ice / cryogenic weapon in GOW5!

The picture for the Versus section - you see Fahz in a chainsaw duel in the foreground, but in the background you see two COG characters - one appears to be Del in his jungle costume, and the other is a helmeted COG Gear or a Carmine, and between them is a Swarm enemy but is blue. And if you look at Del, he’s carrying some kind of weapon that is firing what looks like ice.

ah yes so i guess what we originally thought was the flamethrower/scorcher is now a frostthrower i guess lol

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I thought it was the Fire Thrower.

It’s in fact, a freezer gun.

One of the gameplay videos I watched had a AI use it and the players screen - instead of going red for low health - went blue for being frozen and it looked like it slows you down and to a complete stand still.

Well i guess gears 5 introduced a cure for anyone who gets caught on fire from an incendiary grenade lol

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Shouting at your team mate,

“Please help me! I’m burning!!”

idk why but i just envisioned a baird on the ground saying " hello… uhhhhhhh, a little help please?"

Also, the image of the next set of Gilded characters shows 4 new ones (5 in total including RAAM) but it clearly says that there are 5 new Gilded skins to come - presumably the one not shown is Gilded Del?

I only suggest this cos the image shows Gilded Marcus, JD and Kait (as well as a Scion), and Del’s the only missing one of the main human cast.

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good spot!