So is the store broken or is it just Boost that's broken?

Just popped in for the weekend Star grind and tried to buy some boost. It took the iron but no boost. Store claims that I “own” the bundle but it’s not showing up.

Have you restarted game? Sometimes they don’t appear until you have done that.

It happen to me as well like i restarted my game and system but yet nothing is showing. It toke my iron but did not give me the 30 day boost at all.

I would suggest contacting

Tried that.

Yeah. Tried that. And rebooted the console.

Then tried to play a versus game which was completely broken so I’m trying to just reinstall the whole game to see if that fixes what they just broke with their tuning.

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I feel like we just got rip off.

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Possibly. At any rate, reinstalling the game didn’t do anything but mess up who had which banners and it’s late so I’m just going to wave the iron bye-bye. Maybe just skip a weekend since that probably means that Versus is also going to continue to be completely glitched

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Yep just happened to me, bought a day nothing happened, tried to buy a day again, it said you already own this and still nothing after buying another day. Restarting didn’t help me either. Would say its the update that bugged it but no one has compained until today


Boost kicked in an hour ago. And they are extending the boost until Monday so it appears to be fixed.

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