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So is The Collation going to push rage quitters OR can I stop holding my breath?

Okay I know other people are thinking this, If we aren’t going to get bots in this game in ranked matches, when someone quits your time gets a bad disadvantage in game modes like KOTH and escalation where in games like TDM it can be a small advantage depending on when the player quits from your team.

With that being said Rage quitting disrupts the flow of the game no matter what and can be infuriating to deal with now if a player disconnects from third party reasons, fine, I get it, they often join back as soon as possible, however for the most part if someone quits their gone, I asked this before in the gears for war 4 beta it was often pushed as a joke.

Well it’s not a joke when people leave because the match didn’t go the way they wanted then leaving you in a worse spot, sucks even more when your left alone in a 1 v 5 and you don’t want a penalty witch lest be honest here, It’s a penalty that isn’t a penalty at all because lest be honest if you told you can’t player X time, I bet most play another game and wait the timer out.

Some games do it better, you have to stay on the game in question for the timer to tick down, better still isn’t great me? if you care about making it a Esport, fine, then punishments need to hurt so a better penalty system for competitive should be something like this in my opinion

punish tier 1; first 2 quits. Warnings.
punish tier 2; quits 3 - 5 lock out penalties. 10 mins, 30 mins, 1 hr.
punish tier 3; quits 6 - 9 lock out plus one tier drop. 2 hrs + tier drop, 3 hrs + tier drop. 5 hrs lock out.
10th quit, Season ban + Rank RESET (at this point you forfeit everything you did.)

Again this is my opinion, when locked out of competitive you can still play quick play and escapes however if you get a season ban it doesn’t matter if you play or not at that point and you’ll have yourself to blame, now if you join back into a game you disconnected from, the quit won’t be counted, and if the sever derps, well no quit the match doesn’t count for anyone any way.

well that’s my take on it.

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The problem with the current penalties is that whatever time you get just counts down. It should only count down while the game is open. I see people all the time get a 30 min ban go play something else and then come back with no problem. Also it needs to be fixed so that if you get disconnected you dont get punished


I did address that in the post with “you have to stay on the game in question for the timer to tick down” I don’t know why every game does this, with out locking them out of playing the non-ranked modes, doing so would allow my idea for a punishment tier system to be tested, so that people aren’t forced to play in a handy capped match they never wanted or at least lower the rate of that happening.

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Considering that this is a tech test, I wouldn’t be quick to assume that all people that leave the game are quitters. Some of them were probably booted from the game and it won’t let them join back in the lobby (ala Gears of War 4 style). Penalties against quitters might be addressed with the next tech test.


Yup. I had that twice. The first time I couldn’t rejoin the game and got a 30 minute ban. The second time I could rejoin.

It seems excessive to go straight for a ban for a first time offence given the connection problems. I figure players should get 2-3 free swings so to speak, over a period of say 30 days or something. And if it does get to a ban, then if the latter player gets through say, 30 days without further incidents of quitting/disconnecting then this counter resets.

I’ve taken into account of this being a tech test, however due to the fact people can get punished for leaving a ranked battles Tells me that they are some what aware that people are still going to willingly leave matches However when I get into a game and people start leaving as soon as we lose a round I’ll be hard pressed to call it lag or the fault of the tech test.

If people was to leave at the very start or mid way round two after winning a round, then that is most likely the tech test wigging out, but having having two to three games where people leave and I’m left playing a 1 v 5 or if i’m lucky a 2 v 5. I’m calling Bs,

Be honest about how often people Discontent from your matches and watch the scores if people are leaving when your losing they most likely said F*** it, i’m out, and if someone it always shows some abnormality on their end (walking into walls or something like that).

If something isn’t going to really leave a mark for people who rapidly leave matches, then you’ll just end up punishing the players who stick it out by forcing them to play a match that.

1 Isn’t fun.
2 Isn’t worth staying in anymore
and 3 they are forced to stay in because they don’t want to get punished.

I mean its hard to penalize the tech test when people are literally getting disconnected every match lol.


DCs and people rqing to get those 15 wins for the gnasher skin (once you get too far behind you can’t win the match so they drop). First time I have ever seen a technical test for gears that didn’t just give you that stuff for participating that is why there was so many people dropping mid match.

just let them quit and have another person looking for a match join. how hard is this?

The biggest problem with this is when the person quits. because of how long it takes to rejoin and spawn

Let me just say i so agree. In gears 4 the past 2 weeks people quit when the think the game is not going good in the 1st round just to save there rank.

I was left 2 v 5 against onyx, gold and diamond players and i am only silver . quitters cost you progression in your rank and actually make you lose ranking cause your K?D is so bad. so all you do is die or just go hide some where to avoid the grieving.

this is why Ranks were a bad idea in the first place. we never had that issue in gears 3.

It’s more than just a person’s rank. Quitters have always been a problem in this franchise

ok, so just get a random to join the other team.

all this started with ranks and turned the modes hyper competitive when people didn’t care before.

It didnt start with ranks. This has been a problem since Gears 1. If you cant handle losing then you shouldnt be playing online games

While I agree there should be harsher punishments for quitters in ranked, no punishment is going to be enough to stop people from quitting. As much as I love competitive gaming, at the end of the day life happens. Maybe you get called into work, or you need to help a family member, etc. Other times you get frustrated and quit (not justifying it, just saying that it happens.). The best way to avoid quitters is to find a team to play with made up of your friends or new people you meet over LFG. Overall quitting is just something that is going to happen and there is nothing to really be done about it.

Also with the prevalence of smurf accounts, a temp ban or even a permanent ban is a bit of pointless punishment.Oh no! I was temp/perma banned from the gears 5 multiplayer. Signs into one of 20 smurf accounts.

I know people have lives and what not but those people probably barley quit. It’s the sore losers that cant stand being stomped on. If your constantly quitting then there should be a penalty on the license of the game this way their smurfs account cant access it


This is so ■■■■■■■ horrible. I´ve had big problems with quitters in recent times in Gears 4 but the same ■■■■ has been happening in Gears 5 tech test. Like every second match somebody quit, either on my team or the enemy team. Like, wtf??
Why TF are so many people quitting in Gears?? Maybe I just had bad luck but this is no joke, So many matches I played people quit halfway through, even when it is going well. This is horrible,

A friend of mine had a nice idea. If people are caught quitting quite a lot, like 10 times a week, they should be punished with an announcer. Like, everytime they die in a match, a totally annoying voice is going to talk them:
“Don´t be angry, I know you are frustrated but keep on going, you can make it!!” and stuff like that. And yes, counter should only count down, if game is open. This is only logical to me.

I also recommended marking these players, like forcing them to use some kind of clown skin, that will make everyone in the match immediately see that this person is well known for quitting. I also would love to see these people get punished severely by, for example, taking away their skins (As long as they didn´t buy them for real money). But like, quit more than 5 times a day and bam, take away your precious diamond skin. But I know t hat such a system could be problematic.

Honestly, I´m ■■■■■■■ annoyed with quitters and I just want the quitting to stop.

Like i said before, I’m not justifying it. Just mentioning that it’s basically a problem that doesn’t really have a solid solution.

I like the clown skin with a dunce cap, but it should follow them to any game they play.

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