So is TC Fed Up with the Screenshots? Turned off for Gears 4

Went to catch another laggy clip.

I’m greeted with this

You try a hard reset?

Yes sir. …still getting it…

Probably Xbox messing up again.

Gears is straight up messed

Every lobby over 100ping 8/10 ppl.

They need to fix their shyt

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Not sure what that have to do with being unable to Capture.
You might have too many clips stored. Try and go into Xbox DVR App and delete a few.

Works fine for me. Captured a bunch over the weekend.

Did you try clearing the alternate MAC address cache in network settings yet? If that doesn’t work try I would do a factory reset but keeping the games and apps.

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Yeah more likely to say your Xbox than the game here

Even if it is his xbox/cache he shouldn’t be getting a “sorry this game doesn’t allow” message surely, something is a miss here

I had no problems doing video and screen captures late last night… Less than 12h ago…