So Is Queen Myrrah Still Alive In Some Form/ Way?

hi quick question of lore here. is queen myrrah still alive, yes I’ve played the campaign but still don’t understand if myrrah is still alive and how Reyna is? if someone could explain that’d be great. thank you.

Myrrah’s conscious is in Reyna’s body

Therefore Queen Reyna is actually still Queen Myrrah


WAIT WHAT? if you could explain then, when queen myrrah had been stabbed to death by Marcus, was she still alive, and how? how is she in reynas conscience aswell? thank you if you could explain.

So the whole Swarm are connected through the hive and the Matriarch (the boss in Mount Kadar) is basically the beacon

so Myrrah was still connected to it and instructing the scions to make the Swarm and go after Reyna, since she’s her daughter, and same with Kait.

Once Reyna was captured and “processed” Myrrah’s conscious then planted herself into Reyna’s body since Reyna was already gone (hence Kait recognizing her mom while she was inside the machine and then realizing it wasn’t her).

Paraphrasing but I think that’s the jist of it

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so queen myrrahs soul is in queen reynas? and that’s why we can Hear myrrahs accent in reynas a bit? and is queen myrrah trying to take over kait now? and are scions just locust drones just evolved? how were the swarm formed? sorry for all these questions I’m generally interested

Queen Myrrah has possessed Queen Reyna.

Queen Myrrah can’t take over Kait anymore after she destroyed the Matriarch, removing the mind link.

Scions are evolved Locust Drones, after being crystallised and broke out.

The Swarm were created from Snatcher kidnapping humans, laying pods which burst into Juvies, then evolve into Imago and mature to a Drone. It could be a Drone, Sniper, Hunter (female), Grenadier… etc. Sniper apparently have more description saying that their eye was ripped out by Scions.

Pouncer is a baby Snatcher. Don’t know where Carrier comes from.

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why were the swarm snipers’ eyes taken out by the scions? and is it bad to be on queen myrrahs side as I love her as a character? can their be another matriarch? How were snatchers made? are they locusts or swarm? also one more question, are wardens’ locust? because on their belts they have locust symbols on them? you don’t have to answer those if you don’t want to, these are open questions, but thank you if you could.

It’s like the Borg on Star Trek. :wink:


@GB6_Kazuya loves her from what I’ve seen

none that we know of

don’t think it has been explained


I think they’re still scions just way bigger - the John Cena of scions


wow thank u very much for your explanation, I appreciate it, when I say another matriarch, I mean can we have another ‘link’ in another form

Or those X-Files episodes about a person who had an organ transplant, and then become possessed by the spirit of the previous owner who had been murdered and now seeks revenge through their new body. :stuck_out_tongue:


Doubt it since Niles was only working with her and purposely released her since he was proud of what Myrrah had done and his involvement of the Locust

And considering Gears 6 is the last of the trilogy (most likely), we might see Queen Reyna die

oh, plot line is pretty obvious for gears 6 then and Is RAAM still alive? I remember him being teased before the game released and thought it meant something

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When I played, I honestly thought Kait was just freakin’ out & hallucinating half all the Myrrah stuff.
But yeah, like everyone has said, I guess it’s just Myrrah possessing Reyna and whatnot.

I think this is a retcon. A kinda dumb one, imo. I think the reason is just them doing it as punishment.
But, in Gears 4, the reason was that some Drones are just born malformed, which I liked better tbh.

My friend, RAAM is very, very dead. That moment in the trailer that eveyone thought was RAAM was just the Matriarch. They have similar faces up close.


thank you for explaining, I miss RAAM lol

Hes very very dead my boy. Sorry.

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Myrrah could find a hidden vault in Nile’s lab and clone Raam…lol

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Do you think niles could have survived ?

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I think he did tbf, you don’t think he wouldn’t have implemented himself into some other robotic machine as a back up, or multiple in that case?

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With what? RAAMs corpse is at the bottom of a former immulsion lake. He died 3 years before the immulsion countermeasure so I’d imagine his body already decomposed by then.

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