So is mid drop info this Tuesday or next?

I know they show the trailer a week out so are we getting the reveal this Tuesday?

Theres still a couple characters that arent out yet. Heroic Lahni will probably be one week and Hivebuster Anya will probably be another week. It will probably be 2 weeks from now.


No way of knowing, there’s no one at TC whose job it is to tell us any more

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Why do I get the sense that people here feel like this?

I hope they go out big with this last drop!! :crossed_fingers:t2:

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Do they anymore? :thinking:

I feel like since OP6 they’ve more just shown us a couple days prior rather than a full week. The last time I remember a week of buildup was OP5. But maybe that’s because that was the last time I was truly hyped for new content.

They should have done that for op8 in general but dont set your expectations high because they never deliver.

We already know there is 2 maps and 2 characters only characters actually apart of the game what we haven’t had yet is Sofia and Oscar and the 2 maps i would expect 2 ports as every other op if we got a port at the beginning we got a new one in the drop 2 and vice vera.

I think 2 ports because its less effort there end last one just give 2 ports and were done :woman_shrugging: To us its think big its the end and to them it will be just get it over with now and lets focus on gears 6

Wait, we do? What’d I miss?

Shauny previously confirmed this on the official forums (twitter)


Ah hell yeah. Alright, let’s see…

  • Old Town

  • Diner

  • Sofia

  • Some Lore-Important Locust From The Comics

Let’s see if I’m right.

EDIT: Who am I kidding. It’s Oscar, isn’t it. He’s the only major character with an in-game model who hasn’t been ported to multiplayer, isn’t he?

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We’ll hopefully we’ll still get some cool skins like the Locust Hunter, Miner, Savage Theron, Savage Drone etc. After all they’re skins for the Drone, Grenadier and Theron so there’s a chance they’ll appear in future Tour of Duty’s.

Don’t forget there’s Valera, Barrick and Jace still yet to arrive so somebody is coming to come up short, whether that’s Sofia, Oscar or the three I’ve mentioned above.

They can’t afford someone from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Not happening.