So is it always going to be the consumer vs the developers in this situation? do we not got get to choose?

do we as a consumer, no longer get to choose the way we want to game?

Gears of Warhas had several mechanical movemenet wised gameplay styles through out its life.

Most people can agree that the very first gears, gears of war 1 had the most creative, skill crafted movement.
a few would argue that the Third title was the pinnacle, as a consumer I disagree to that as well.

however it seems as though yourcompany is now trying to force a new gameplay style that we do not want in a gears series.

everyone can agree that the original locusts models are actually sentimetal to the series and should return, even to the storyline.

GNASHER BATTLES, SNIPER BATTLES, being able to see how many ACTIVE RELOADS you have,
you should be getting badges for ACTIVES, or NO ACTIVES at all.

the BACKPACK and the WEAPON SLIDE are a part of gears of war.
the backpack, as a glitch to kill an oppenent that is directly behind your camera, is not something people can easily pull off. and make for some of the hardcore clutches.

gears 2 maps were amazing, frag planting amazing, gears2 hammerburst amazing, but we always want gears 1 movement

The developer makes the game; they are the artists. You are the customer; you choose to play the game, or not.

Game developers may solicit feedback or input from their communities, but their job isn’t just to be led around by the nose, doing whatever the community says it wants (to the extent that a game community even has opinions that homogenous in the first place). The best games introduce new things/changes that the community didn’t even know it wanted, until it had them. That means taking chances, some of which will pay off, and some that won’t.

Hardcore fans of online games tend to dislike change; particularly to things they personally deem an “integral” part of the series. So there’s always a push/pull between stopping a series from getting stale and losing the casual audiences that make “triple-A” games multi-million sellers, versus keeping your most vocal core of fans happy.

They aren’t trying to “force” a gameplay style, any more than any game “forces” a gameplay style by the sheer existence of it’s own mechanics.

Lastly, people are too casual with throwing around the royal “we” here - declaring what “we” want, or what “most people” think.


What’s with all the ‘we’? Gears 3 movement was better than 2, faster, more fluid. Gears 1 was good, it was the start, but it wasn’t perfect. To be honest, I think that they’re not forcing, so much as trying new things but the fact is that trying new things has its downfalls.

I’m not defending the game, or their choices, but this is what developers do. They try new things, they build upon old things, and sometimes fans don’t like it.

I can say that I’m not a fan of some of their choices either. Horde, the inverse omen, reduced movement speed, their monetization.

There is a difference between making good decisions for the betterment of the game and moving forward appropriately, and then there is doing it wrong by taking away key features or making the game not even resemble itself. I think in Gears 5 there have been a bit of both. Good in the fact that they tried new things in the campaign and bad in the fact that they just didn’t port things over from the old game for versus, tuning especially. But that’s neither here nor there.

At this point, fans that are voicing their opinions can only hope to be heard and that TC decide to take that criticism and work with it.

Choose to play now or wait.

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Most ambitious “I’m an '06 vet” I’ve seen yet.

Well, the community asked for killcams. Look at how that came out.

TC are also being pulled in different directions. Some like the Gnasher in Gears 5. Some think it’s the best Gnasher we have ever had. But some say it needs a buff.

At this point, I don’t think the community itself knows what it wants. Whatever TC does at this point, someone won’t like it.

People will disagree with your statements as well. Some may not like the Gnasher battles of Gears 1.

And I think BChaps sums it up quite well. It’s not that TC isn’t listening to our feedback, but they are misinterpreting our feedback.