So is Gears 5 PC going to be like Gears 4 PC?

I just want to know because I dont want to drop another ■■■■■■■ $100+ on a game I cant even play for 5 minutes without it ■■■■■■■ my PC so hard to the point where It gets the blue screen of death. It blows my ■■■■■■■ mind you ■■■■■ expect us to use old drivers that make other games unplayable because you dont want to spend the time to fix it. What a joke AAA my ■■■ ■■■■ gears


IMHO, I don’t think they should make it for PC. They should make everyone convert to Xbox.

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That will result in an even deader game than it currently is.

I Understand your frustration.

I’m not buying an Xbox One X so I can play 1 title on it. Gears is the only game I have interest in and I own a PC. Why can’t I play the game? Who is actually at fault? This game is giving me trust issues.

I feel exactly the same as you.

I agree, they shouldn’t make it on PC if they can’t give it the support that it deserves. Gears 4 on PC looks amazing, when it is actually running… I uninstalled this from my PC long ago because I wouldn’t leave old drivers installed just to play it… That’s not a fix, that is just lazy…

seems simple.

wait for the game to release and watch for issues to pop up on the forums/twitter

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Rather wait more than six months, in case the game doesn’t support new drivers.

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