So... Is FFA going to have a ranked mode?

I’m looking forward to FFA, mainly because it would be the perfect ranked mode to showcase your skill.

There are no terrible teammates to deal with, no stacks Vs solo queues etc.

But I saw a comment on Reddit where someone said TC don’t know how to calculate the score for ranking on FFA.

Can anyone confirm that was said? If so it’s ludicrous. It’s not rocket science:

  • most points gained for k/d (not eliminations)
  • more points for killing equal or higher ranked opponents than yourself.
  • less points for killing lower ranked opponents than yourself.
  • less lost points for dying to equal or higher ranked opponents.
  • more lost points for dying to lower ranked opponents.
  • large bonus points for winning a match.
  • bonus points for being MVP.

Like seriously, that’s not hard is it? Even if it was just k/d + match win bonus it would work.

Are TC really this dense? I have no interest in unranked FFA, besides using it as a warmup for ranked.

Would love to get a discussion going on this to show TC that FFA should have both a quickplay and ranked offering.


If that’s the case, than add that as another reason that TC needs a more simplified and straightforward ranking system than the one they currently have.

As we discussed on discord, not only is their ranking system broken, but the complexity of it will only limit the type of modes they can add to ranked.

Eff FFA if they decide to make it Quickplay only…


Agreed. Making FFA social only pretty much sucks out the biggest incentive to play FFA. TC seriously know how to successfully make everything exciting instantly tedious. Like you said, it’s the perfect mode to showcase where you really stand in comparison to everyone individually, making the rank all the more accurate.

Adjusting their horribly messed up ranking system would take effort from them, though. You’ve a better chance adding it to your Christmas letter to Mr. Claus.

Sure there has to be one employee that has a similar trail of thought to the rest of us here? Even if they are locked in the basement for having traditional Gears ideas. It’d be nice to have something released in a decent state as opposed to being altered after 100+ posts saying the same thing. We know they’ll make it ranked, they know they will eventually. Why not get ahead? Do they not want our respect? Sure looks like it.


I imagine to give a new ranked playlist, they’re gonna have to take one away. Especially with how quickly the playerbase dwindled. I don’t think G5 could sustain any more permanent playlists. I’d suggest cycling out Execution for FFA.

Maybe Guardian for Dodgeball too, but I’m probably in the minority on that one.


I actually hadn’t really thought about that lol it will probably just be quickplay with the mode being half bots in a months time…

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Honestly a quick play FFA would be exactly the kind of thing TC would do.

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Okay. I’m betting all in. It’s going to be a QUICKPLAY i just know it LMAO!!!

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Its for sure gonna be a Social playlist. Best case scenario is that enough people play it that TC decides to make it Ranked.
Specially if more people play it than existing ranked modes (I’m looking at you, Exe)

I just LOVE this statement, hahahahhaha…

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I feel like this is gonna result in Vultures rising in ranks.
If there’s anything that my experience with FFA in Call of Duty, party mode Smash, and every Battle Royale out there is that opportunists and interferences win easy points.

FFA will not show “skill” beyond basic Game Theory just as is. Not unless the design of the mode scoring keeps those kind of plays in check. Currently thinking of how the mode could do so, right now it involves a point goal and a Lives system together.

So is this further proof that something stupid like digital numbers, rank, is holding back the game or a game mode in this case?

Have you all seen all the stuff they are talking about in regards to quitters and ideas to not have the match count if blah blah blah?

They are beyond lost. They don’t know that that stuff will NOT make a difference. They don’t understand why people are quitting in the first place.

They are trying and have been trying to make the game something that it is not.

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I agree with you, especially in regards to the ranking system. Somebody seriously needs to have a sit down with them and tell them that it’s time to just let it go.


Exactly. Gears isnt a game that can handle all this ranking stuff because it just doesnt have the population size.

It’s futile.

Dana said FFA ranked would come in January.


This type of free For all has no place in ranked in any game.

I’m personally delighted that it will be ranked.

Finally a ranked mode where quitters and crappy teammates don’t tank your rank.

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Well I guess you could argue that there’s a huge element of luck in both types. FFA, and people coming out of nowhere while you’re in the middle of fighting an opponent 1v1 and being stuck in a game where the match set you up with dumb team mates. I just think FFA has more luck and randomness to it than other game modes especially where there’s 14 players!

Randomness anywhere = less skill = less of a reason for rank because the gameplay makes rank null. Then you could also argue that it makes rank seem like a joke anywhere else on g5 because it doesn’t take itself seriously, defeating the purpose for rank at all.

Hopefully they remove flash from this playlist. And hopefully execution rules or every lancer player will take away every down.

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For me personally, I think those unknowns help make you a better player.

It’s going to require a lot of awareness and tactics + movement to deal with those situations you suggested.

To each their own though. We’ll see how it plays shortly I guess :grin:


Hang on OP…your post makes sense…That means TC will NOT do anything like what you are suggesting.:man_facepalming: