So is Exe2.0 going to ranked or?

I see they put it in quick play despite literally 90% of the people in Exe threads agreeing it should be moved to ranked, for full teams, full games. and more competitive play.

Thoughts ?

I just played an entire hour with two friends, didn’t get to play Even 1 single full game.
Probably only played like 3 or 4 rounds in total of a full lobby…

We can only hope

I’d like to see how you specifically got this number mate :nerd_face:

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There’s only three weeks left in this operation. Making a ranked playlist now serves no real purpose.

Here’s to hoping they shake up the playlists in OP7 though and put Execution 2.0 into it. Preferably in place of 2v2 Gnashers.


well if TC continues it’s track record of not talking about anything or to us before an Operation drop then we wont know until the week/day before

it will be too late to make any changes… the cycle continues

Prolly not but we’ll see

So the same as Control?

Really hope exe 2.0 gets added into ranked ASAP

It’s an easy estimate to make if you’ have seen my most recent exe threads, :woman_shrugging:t2: Try not to take it so seriously

Come on guys it’s 2021, I mean … in this era, shooters tend to go “huge” concerning pvp modes : Huge maps, Huge amount of players, Flying vehicules etc …

Playing a 4v4, close quarter fights, one life mode is a niche. I don’t think it is a good idea for the franchise to go down this path.

If you believe that is fun to go out with your gnasher with the ONLY objective to kill 3 guys for the round to be win, fair enough. I think it’s boring and outdated - it was fun in 2006 indeed. It still works in CS:GO but that’s a totaly different story and game mechanics.

So no, Exe should NOT go in ranked, nor be on the competitive scene.

We need a one life rank mode. This game is rage inducing with king of the hill. Constantly spawn flanked. Kill 2 enemies just for the third to cross you from a spot he shouldn’t be if it wasn’t a respawn game mode. And majority of maps don’t even compliment the game mode in the first place. So you get terrible spawns where you can have someone spawn behind you as you spawn. Don’t forget the stun grenades every other second. And then there’s tdm which I refuse to play the race to spawn trap the other team.

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If they could test competitive modes in a pseudo-ranked environment, it would be easier to give good feedback.

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Yeah, i wrote a whole thread about it. Ranked is lame.


So you chose death.

The great thing about the forums is everyone waits for you to post your opinion before deciding they have the opposite.

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