So I'm hopping on the band wagon

Yeah so I’m also finally tired of the BS that is people leaving early. Idk what is done currently about it but it’s gotta get fixed… I’ve played probs like 10 matches over the past 2 days and haven’t kept a full team once, mostly resulting in multiple teammates leaving and one time I was the only one left.

Also let’s not pair me w a bunch of people from random countries with pings that are between 90 and 200 because I’m going to lose my mind if I keep getting “12%” when I body these fools.

And stop picking checkout goddammit xD


why don’t you look for a team.

Three simple words.


Yeah but usually if you lose a game or have the potential to people quit out.

Sometimes ya boi like to roll solo

Sometimes ya boi like to go play NBA 2K18 instead

First of all: eew
Second of all : If anything can wait it’s that


Well my point actually was it’s just the sad reality and if you want to totally solve the problem play on a team. I honestly don’t think they can 100% get rid of quitters. Improve the problem, yes. 10 matches in a row with quitters should be improved upon.

But back to my point, people are people and when it comes to video games they’ll do what they want. TC can ban first offending quitters for life but there’s always gonna be some casual or someone unaware of the quit penalties or someone who just doesn’t give a crap, or whatever… who quits.

Playing with a team will help tremendously if not completely solve the issue. But yeah it has its downsides.

I do agree though that TC needs to continue to work on the issue to lessen the amount of quitters.


That’s not a solution