So i'm back and Confused

Well as the titles says i’m back. And the reason for being confused is because I’ve just realised that the midnight omen skins are only available to the swarm what’s with that?

I haven’t had any official confirmation, I’ve tried to reach out but haven’t heard anything. But from what I’ve heard is that they got removed because a few people started complaining about them, and getting ‘thrown off’ and confused to not be able to tell if it’s a teammate or not.

Even though the swarm pod is a bright red skin but is still available on either team. So a few people complaining has ruined it for everyone else.


Damn I had read up on something about that but jeez. People forget that they have a tac-com that can view all team mates.

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It is annoying, I’m not too annoyed by it because I don’t have the lancer and don’t tend to mix and match my weapons. Especially since a recent horde event gave me duplicates. But it does ruin it for everyone that does like using them.

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Yup Just recently I remembered the skins and I wanted to use them on my black steel del but guess not

Yeah, if I had the whole set I would want to use them, probably my favourite skins in the game. But I just use my full diamond set lol.

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I have all of them but 2 skins. They are my primary skins i roll with except the syndrome skins since I can’t use the MO skins with cog characters.

I also like the Dark omen sets too


I blame myself, it was my fault that I missed most of my opportunities to get the full MO set, wasn’t really playing the game at the time.

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At OP, play as a thrashball Cole or Drone, the opposition are never sure if you are in their side or not :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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190 days visited on these forums, 11 hours read time and you dare to ask this question?! HERECY!


I’d say lazyness…

TC announced this publicly back in October on twitter and on the community streams about switching them to:

  • Syndrome (COG)
  • Midnight Omen (Swarm)

To prevent confusion when playing multiplayer.

Closing this before it gets out of hand,

Thank you.