So... If The killcam is not accurate. Is this lag or a bug?

Take a look

If you watch closely in my view , he is in the same spot and the blood from the shot is comming from the place he aim,

In my view i die while in the middle air, that’s the lag i know,

Idk man , first i say WTF ! Then i just find it kinda funny, and find it kinda sad… :wink:

(Sorry for the voices and the language in the clip, AND if i make mistakes spelling, i’m from México, )


its what the server sees and crudely copy’s and plays back. its not a 1:1 representation

I use it for knowing where an enemy was when i get killed not how I was killed. its the same in CoD, I get sniped from somewhere and the kill cam tells where he was.

Exactly - the kill cam isn’t the player’s point of view, it’s what the server was seeing at that time, and that’s subject to lag delays/etc…

Which really makes the kill cam a misleading, pointless feature, if you think about it…

Misleading yes, but I wouldn’t say pointless. It’s a way to help discourage camping.

“I don’t see a problem”

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The kill cams are often hilariously wrong. Occasionally they will be virtually the same as what I saw. But this is a rare occurrence.

I get more confused when the kill cam shows the player missing me repeatedly and still gives them a kill, while ignoring my hits on them. Or shows me standing still and in a different place than on my screen. Come on game, I have the lowest ping in the lobby, how am I showing incorrectly on your server?

Ok i think i get it, so it’s probably that he really never touch the cover, and only be stand up in front (or reach the correct cover ) and that’s why he is point it lower. And for myself, i spend more time in that spot,

So he see me there wasting air and take the free kill xD

That explain the ninjas i’ve encounter, that i could swear appear from nowhere , never seen it until i die jajajaja.

Anyway thanks for the explanation , i appreciate it.