So.. I wait 20 mins to find a game, get kicked then can't rejoin

I then get Gear Points deduction and lose a buncha rank.

Great job @TC!!

Btw Im experiencin long waiting times during peak hours. Like now… its 4pm UK and I’m waiting 20 mins to find a game in what apparently is the most popular game mode, ranked KOTH. So… either the servers are a shambles or no ones playing this game. And after the experience I just had, I understand why

It’s the former… I’m pretty sure EVERYONE is experiencing long wait times, I know I am. Doesn’t matter what time of the day it is. I’m also experiencing constant drops before the game starts, which takes everyone back to the lobby. I’m already waiting 10 mins to find a game, to only then be pushed back out of it :unamused:

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I feel bad for those who have like an hour or two a day to play… lucky if you can get a couple of games in. At this rate it’s like 1 game an hour :man_facepalming: