So I purchased your lambent skin

I’M FURIOUS! I logged on today after reading yesterdays post about these new lambent characters, oh boy was i excited. Disappointed to find out they are real money only but that wasn’t going to stop me from getting one. I purchased your lambent drone for 13 dollars right when they launched at 1pm est. 5 minutes later the Coalition puts the lambent packs up for credits. I buy a 2000 pack and got the lambent drone on my first pull. You guys couldn’t launch it all at once no, you had it launch the credit packs later knowing idiots like me would buy it.
You falsely advertised the idea of the characters being “real-money” only in the “
I request compensation or a refund for this inconvenience. You can’t just falsely advertise something like that and launch the credit packs 5 minutes later.

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you’re telling me you didnt wait 3 minutes? that’s not TC’s fault

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They did say that they had no plans to make them available for credits. You should absolutely get a refund.


Why would I need to wait? The packs came out for real money and I bought it. How would I know they would launch credit packs 5 minutes later


Anyone who purchased anything within that time frame should be refunded. As it was advertised incorrectly.


For any kind of monetary purchases you will need to contact support since TC doesn’t deal with transactions. You’re purchsing through Xbox Services.

Please follow this link on how to obtain.

Closing thread and reaching out to you @AhBoop.