So I noticed they extended this operation by 2 weeks

Or is it a visual glitch that it says 7 of 13 weeks?

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There’s a picture out there somewhere saying it ends on August 2(or at least that’s how I interpreted it) from this post below. So I assume it lasts two more weeks now, unless the timer was wrong right from the start.


I guess they are behind schedule and needed the extra 2 weeks.

This is from a post back in Feb:

I assume the goal was every 11 weeks. But perhaps they’re working on something big for OP8… or ran into issues.


11 weeks seemed a short period of time to enjoy all the new content. Therefore, I’m comfortable with the two weeks extra.

Although I have a question. Do we need to end the operation within the first places in order to get the special rewards or can it be historical also?

at this point, does it even matter anymore?

the only consistency in Operation cadence was that it was inconsistent. stuff happened, covid, staff turnover, overhauls and content changes. (shrug)

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It’s really difficult bringing more content, more often.

I mean we got spoiled in Op 11 with 2 brand new maps.

“The Halo battle pass will never be taken away from you,” explains Christopher Blohm, lead player investment design, in a new Halo Infinite Multiplayer Overview video. “What I mean by that is, once you buy it, it’s yours and does not expire. In future seasons, you can purchase old battle passes as well as the current battle pass, and choose which battle pass to put your progression towards.”

“To keep the battle passes feeling special, all of the rewards earned through pass progression will only be available that way—and players will not be able to buy their way through a battle pass. If you want the customization options it includes, you’ll have to earn them.”

TC needs to follow 343’s example.