So I’m putting a team together

I’m putting together a team for gears 5 of at least 5 but may push it to ten. The team will be primarily focused on ranked execution TDM and Escalation but I’m primarily a Execution player myself. I’m pretty good at the game. Onyx 3 rn in gears 4 execution. We’ll see how Gears 5 goes. The thought for the team is an Avengers type deal. My gamertag is Caps Shield. So tags would be like. Thor’s Hammer. Hawkeyes Bow that kinda thing or anything Marvel You don’t have to change ur tag just make separate accounts to play on for when we wanna run ranked together. Currently looking for a co leader if ur interested add Caps Shield. The L in sheild is an I.

Ah I see :eyes:


My K/D is .5 can I join?


There’s no Ranked Execution for Gears 5.


my gt is gonna be .ProfessorX Wheelchair


With a k/d like that you can be on my team any time you want


There’s no execution on ranked ? That sucks guess TDM and Escalation it is

My K/D is - 0000.3 :flushed::flushed:

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What is a K/D and do you need one?

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TDM makes me wanna vomit


Kill to death ratio.

You don’t need one but everyone has one.

They are trolling.

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Could I join ? I wanna be in a team and I can pay for gamer tags

lol i was kidding but

Same. I play Gears to have fun. Camping for 30 minutes, hoping the enemy makes a mistake is not my idea of fun.

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And there’s always one team mate that buckles under the pressure and can’t be patient :sweat_smile:

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Sure if you’re pretty good hit me up on Xbox


What if I’m not so good :eyes:

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