So I just used 50 Iron and can't finish that 1 Star Objective

Can’t complete the capture 3 Rings in Versus objective was playing King of the hill two full matches,it didn’t count =/

Try the co-OP vs AI maybe? It might be quicker and faster?

Capture rings only works in ranked and the special event.



But why tho.

I thought TC would want their super cool, amazing tour of duty to encompass the entire game, from story to horde to multiplayer.


Well that sucks but thanks for the answer

I do it in classic quick play and it works

It works in quickplay too. But I recommend doing escalation and just capping the home hill every round. It’s a guaranteed cap.

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No it doesn’t. I’ve had that challenge before and I did co-op Vs AI. I have never played ranked before either.

Did it in quickplay classic and va Ai both didn’t count the KOTH Gnasher special did for some reason though…