So I have over 100k coins. PVE experts, which cards should I spend it on?

Not a brag.

I used to spend everything over 20k on card upgrades. This OP I haven’t. Cosmetics aren’t appealing to me.

Assuming greens and blues are maxed…which skill cards are worthy of a 5 to 6 upgrade?

Seriously. I’m curious which cards for which heroes is worth the coin.

Assuming tactician and demolitions are maxed.

Escape skills included.

Where should the coins go?

Nomad consecutive shot. I absolutley love that card but im am grinding my way to upgrade because I love misery.

Oh and by no means does commenting in this thread make me an expert lol. I am sure there will be someone along soon to tell you what to do lol.

might be a tad better if you could list a few cards you have left and then we could give an opinion on which ones or let the experts argue till the cows come home on what to and what not upgrade lol.

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I think alot of it depends on a few things:

  1. What are your plans/goals in terms of maxing out classes? Are you a completionist who eventually aims to have level 6 skills for all classes and will continue grinding? If you don’t really care for maxing everyone out, then I would just spend on the skills you actually use, and only you would really know that based on your preferences and style of play.

  2. Do you plan to get future Heroic customisation skins? These obviously cost alot more GC than normal skins. Heroic Venom Myrrah (or whatever) plus the Heroic weapons in total cost in excess of 100,000 GC if I remember correctly. You may want to keep a similar amoiunt in reserve if you want to get any future Heroic custom skins off the bat.

  3. What do you normally play in terms of PVE and what difficulty? The reason I ask is because if you play on inconceivable or master, then you should get Legendary skill cards at a decent rate and max these out quicker than lower tier skills purely because all classes only have two Legendaries at most. I personally wouldn’t spend much GC on Legandary skills at all. I’d probably only really use GC for Epic ones because most classes tend to have in the region of 4-7 of them, so RNG can be an unmitigated bum once you start maxing them out and only need extras for a couple - in which case you could use GC to finish them off.

  4. How often do you normally play? This is just to gauge an approximate rate in which you acquire GC and skill cards.


Interesting choice. My nomad is one of my lowest classes at level 18. Might be a good choice for some coin and play time.

I like it. Works for pretty much everything on the basis you maintain critical accuracy of course. Its the one card I won’t go into Horde or Escape without.

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Good questions.

I play enough to justify upgrades, but I honestly feel like master level is fine where I have my cards currently.

I would like to eventually purchase the absurdly expensive heroic stuff, but I’ll live if I don’t.

I play all classes at various times.

More specific example: Is icy precision from 25% to 34% noticeable?

Is stim batteries noticeable from 5-6?

If skill level 6 cards weren’t a thing, which ones would you miss?

Well, the reality is that it’s just one extra Markza shot which doesn’t make a big difference.

I honestly think that once you get most skills up to level 4, then you’re basically okay. I know for specific classes and skills a single upgrade can make the difference between say, being able to oneshot a Scion on master Escape, but I honestly can’t remember where these thresholds are. I have to admit, I can’t really remember what level 5 stats were for the majority of skills - I fortunately have had most of them maxed out for a long time, and up until recently (mid-Feb 2021) was only working on newly added skill cards from Op 5.

Are there certain things that you feel certain classes aren’t able to do? With the Marksman for example - are your damage cards enough to allow you to oneshot a Scion on master? Do you read of other forumers being able to do things that you can’t because of the level of your cards?

I presume you meant that if skills remained at level 5? Hard to say, cos when level 6 cards were added, there was some adjustments to numbers wasn’t there?

I personally like sniping, so I guess the Marksman’s damage cards are pretty important as they enable me to oneshot the majority of enemies. Especially in Escape. I’m not sure if the current level 5 cards stacked together would still allow this to be done. But then these damage cards are green and blue so can be easily acquired.

I suppose the Tactician’s Interrogation card is a biggy for me - 5 metres by itself isn’t crazy, but it’s nice to have that extra range from 45 metres to 50.

I’d recommend the Execution Shield skill then. At level 6 it makes you totally invincible to all damage while you’re in any execution animation. Level 5 is 95% which is still very tough, but not invulnerable. Very useful for an execution build. Plus the Nomad has 7 epic skills, so RNG is bound to be horrible.

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Longshot Handling stands out as the one card I would definitely say is worth spending the 40k to max it out immediately.


What setup do you run?

I run:

Explosive hit
Icy precision
Modified longshot
Exploit weakness


If with a known Veteran I run Critical Parade instead of explosive hit.

For Horde, I use:

Critical Parade
Longshot Handling
Exploit Weakness
Modified Longshot

I found that enemies are rarely close enough together to get much use out of Explosive Critical in Horde. As for Icy Precision, I’ve talked about it in other threads, but I think it’s worthless. At level 6 it takes three shots to freeze anything, and with the damage build anything short of bosses will just die after three active criticals from the Longshot. It’s good if you like the Markza, but I don’t, and if I did I’d probably just use the Nomad for a Markza build. If it was Uncommon rarity, I might have kinder things to say, but as a Legendary it’s not worth the price.

Speaking of Nomad, I saw Execution Shield get mentioned earlier; definitely another good one to level up. If you’re feeling frugal, though, level 4 is probably fine. I had it at level 4 for a long time and it was very difficult to get killed during an execution. It stacks with Nomad Armor, which is a big help, and you kinda need Nomad Armor to survive an attempt at a Retro charge or chainsaw on high difficulties anyway. I have it at 5 now, and I pretty much need to have a Mulcher Scion shoot me for the entire execution in order to go down.

Child support

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After a number of years, my kids are finally paid in full.

Lesson learned.

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I imagine it cost more than 100k though

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Yes, especially when you think that Lv. 5 is good enough. At that level it’s a 90% chance of auto-reload, but from personal experience that 10% failure rate always likes to rear it’s ugly head at the worst possible times. Especially when the X-Ray’s about to end, then you have to reload manually and by the time you reload, the X-Ray ends before you can get the next headshot kill to keep the X-Ray active.

What about changing weapons? Pretty much the same thing, before you get the headshot kill, the X-Ray ends.

Any other cards for heroes like this?

Epic score boost for all classes.

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I suppose you already maxed out Pilot cards ? If not
I think I could invest GC in the relevant cards of this class (Cold Finish, Bleeding Mulcher, Healing Trishot, The Hammer) to have more fun with it.

As said already by some other people I am already satisfied by the level 4-5 of some cards and I am not using my GC (200k+) except for character skins that I really enjoy (not so many in fact)

I hope all these GC could be used after op6 drop2 …

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All of them

I know there is an eternal debate trishot vs mulcher. And I am not a specialist. I specify the 2 (bleeding mulcher and trishot).
I noticed on my side that my SB lasts longer. But I have no evidence …
I tried very recently the bleeding mulcher and therefore not so many personal opinion.

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