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So, I got a PS4 the other day

(Stoic Slab) #1

Two years ago, I b****** and moaned on the old forums about how the Xbox needs more first party support and, for me personally, the idea of owning multiple consoles wouldn’t be a wise investment.

Since then, I’ve upgraded my PC, bought a Switch, traded my OG Xbox One for the X, and now got a PS4 Pro.

(mendigo2005) #2

Could be worse.

You could have offered 10k for a Blood Moon Imago.

Now you can enjoy Breath of The Wild and Shadow of Colossus remake.

(Stoic Slab) #3

Breath of the Wild was good, but I didn’t love it - I will give credit for being my favorite Zelda game so far.

I have Shadow of the Colossus on my backlog, I’m currently wrapping up Ratchet & Clank and am choosing between SotC or God of War 3 next. Then again, I want to get through Bloodborne before Sekiro comes out, too.

(mendigo2005) #4

Ghost of Tsushima seems like a nice samurai game.

I’d buy Death Stranding too.

(Stoic Slab) #5

I haven’t followed much on Ghost of Tsushima, but I’ll be keeping a casual eye on it now.

Death Stranding on the other hand has me somewhat weary. I was never really interested in Metal Gear Solid, but I am aware of its creator’s prestige. However, everything is set up for DS to be massively overhyped, so that’ll be a wait and see.

(mendigo2005) #6

Both open world with lotta of violence. I love it

(Stoic Slab) #7

I got the Platinum for Ratchet & Clank (2016) last night.

Overall it was very good; the last time I played a R&C game was ~15 years ago with the original trilogy on the PS2. Those still remain among my personal favorites and, gameplay wise, the remake is as good as the series has ever been.

Story and tone on the other hand were lacking somewhat - a bit too kid friendly. Nowhere near as good as Going Commando or Up Your Arsenal, and it lacked the important character arcs from the original game.

(mendigo2005) #8

Is it the remake?

I played the original but didn’t like the mechanics very much.

(Stoic Slab) #9

Yep, it is.

As far as I understand it, the original game is canon (the “true” version) while this one is merely Captain Qwark’s interpretation of events.

It’s been a while since I’ve played the older ones, but the general mechanics are similar; among of the major differences being however is that this one has strafing, which makes the combat tighter and easier to get a handle on.

(o Magical Hobo) #10

nice! I got both consoles as well and will be buying a switch next Black Friday and building a PC! HAVE YOU SEEN THE NEW ZELDA REMAKE?! links awakening! LOOKS SO GOOD!

THE PS4 has so many good games man! Ghost of Tsushima looks SO GOOD!!!

for ps4 I would def check out Shadow of the Colossus, The Last Guardian, Spider Man, Detroit Become Human, God of War, The last of Us, Yakuza, Uncharted, Ni no Kuni, Yooka Laylee, Ratchet n Clank, Bloodbourne, Horizon Zero Dawn, Metro 2033, Little Nightmares, Inside, Planet Side… ah man so many!

add me if u want! Tea_l3aggins

(Stoic Slab) #11

Playing through Shadow of the Colossus recently. So far it’s pretty good; the concept is cool, but the controls are maddening.

Part of me thinks that during development, its gameplay designers and its artists debated over what should take precedent - with the artists winning out most of the time.

(o Magical Hobo) #12

its a old game :wink:

(Stoic Slab) #13

I know how old it is. I just recognize that some games don’t prioritize the same thing - and that’s perfectly fine.

Having gotten the Platinum the other day, it was pretty good overall. This is definitely one of those games that makes the argument for “games as art,” and for that I greatly appreciate the experience.

The controls however remained a major flaw that proved to be very detrimental to the experience. I tried out a few different layouts even though none of them were completely satisfying. I got used to them overtime, but I can’t say that I felt truly comfortable.

This isn’t a game that everyone will end up liking, but I can understand those who do.

(mendigo2005) #14

Have you played a more visually beautiful game on a console? Is there any?

(Stoic Slab) #15

That’s as subjective as it gets when it comes to games. There are few that I think do, but Shadow of the Colossus makes a fair argument.

I do really like the art direction the game ended up with; not the most crisp, but it is impressive in its own way. At least when the camera isn’t giving me conniptions, it succeeded in emphasizing scale – even when there isn’t a massive behemoth stomping around, the game makes it clear that everything was designed for entities that are much larger than you.

The design of the locales vary. Individually some are just awesome to look at, but they felt stitched together in some places. I wouldn’t say it has that theme-park design that I don’t care for – you can find worse examples elsewhere.

(mendigo2005) #16


(Stoic Slab) #17

Destiny, and I don’t even like Destiny from a gameplay standpoint.

(mendigo2005) #18


I’ve seen a few gameplays, never thought it was that good

Gonna watch again

(Stoic Slab) #19

I have a weakness for sweeping vistas, especially in a space setting. The view of the Traveler from the Tower in the first game is, for me, one of the more evocative images in recent memory for a game.

(mendigo2005) #20

Same here.

How about Red Dead 2? Only thing that bugged me were the characters faces… They seem like GTA4 ugly dolls.