So i found myself playing Gears 4 today

Two reasons.

  1. I can’t find a game on Gears 5 under 120 ping for the last 3 days and having to try and 1v5 every game due to the horrendous pairing of teammates while averaging 150+ ping is almost impossible and not enjoyable. I had a game where the team score was 52,000 as i’m in masters i have 19,800+ points so i made up more than a third of the team and the opposing team had 60,000 team score which is basically another player. This needs to be sorted :man_facepalming:

Also don’t bother saying just play with friends, i’ve tried. It takes forever to search and at least half the time myself or someone else gets kicked from the game leaving us with a huge disadvantage, again not enjoyable.

  1. Honestly i’m bored of Gears 5 after 3 weeks, I’ve completed most of the medals except for horde, as i find horde the worst iteration of the game type yet, i just think what TC did with it was lazy. A huge improvement would be creating horde specific maps that are separate to multiplayer and actually designed for horde, would also improve replayability as you’re not playing the same maps through every game type. Escape has also gotten repetitive and i find myself going through on the easiest difficulty just to complete daily medal challenges.
    The maps in Gears 5 are average at best in my opinion with Asylum being my favourite as it has that Gears 1 vibe and its the least lancer and camp invested map i feel (also watching an entire team get squashed by the trains is very enjoyable). But overall i’m bored senseless with these maps, there’s only 7 in total which everybody has said a million times is not enough. Icebound and Bunker are the worst, who thought putting two camp towers in the corner of the map was a good idea, for King of the hill these maps are horrendous which only leaves 5 average maps.

Playing Gears 4 again, straight away it felt fast paced and clean. The players screen in Gears 5 feels very cluttered due to things like the new blood omen covering 85% of your screen, flashbangs constantly being thrown every 15 seconds in King of the hill, which are driving me beyond insane at this point. Even things like getting kills causes an elimination message to appear, not only in the bottom left like normal but also in the middle of your screen, combine all these things coming up on your screen at once and its overkill in my opinion. Even the sound in Gears 5 sounds washed out, getting a headshot in Gears 4 sounded crisp and had a nice crunch to it.

So that’s why i found myself on Gears 4 today and noticed a lot of differences, honestly favouring Gears 4 in my opinion. This isn’t a rant or anything just my opinion as i do enjoy Gears 5 when it’s working… maybe the servers will work tomorrow? maybe…

Oh also the campaign, its been 3 weeks TC and it’s still full of bugs, glitches and achievements not tracking :weary:


I barely play anymore but when I’m in the gears mood i just play UE or Gow3/4. Cba with this game


I am still playing 4 especially for the horde stuff I very much like it still (although it isn’t changing maps or events anymore) I wonder if they will make 4 slower or something to make us all play 5 more. Although I will play something else rather than this 5 one. :stuck_out_tongue:

UE was one of the best remasters i’ve ever seen, can’t say a bad thing about that game. TC smashed it with UE


You know why? Cause they literally ‘copied’ the mechanics of the original Gears 1, and re-did features.

That’s not a bad thing, in fact, that’s exactly what they should have done for Gears 5, keep the mechanics and just re-do features to make the game more ‘new’ and appealing, with new content of course. Sadly this wasn’t the case.


It’s obvious isn’t it?

The feel is just better with 4.

It’s okay that they made changes but they made too many unnecessary changes. Slowing the movement and wallbounce is one thing but they got the feeling wrong. UE was slow but it was skillful as heck, so it isn’t just about movement and bouncing speed.


Yeah better with 4 and even better with 3. And for sure, movement and bouncing is just one part of the mess they changed with


Yeah Gears 4 is much better. But I’ll just stick with 5 for now, I’m still hopeful they’ll improve it.

They should add those Gears 4 maps asap. These couple of new ones are getting boring.


If you got on Master so fast probably you played gears 4 nearly 3k-4k hours. So yeah at this point you need new goals probably get an semi-pro team etc.

I will be so sick of Gears if i was spending 3k hours playing the 4

I mean I’ve played Gears since the first so I’m pretty used to it, I would play Gears 4 maybe for 2 weeks and have 2-3 month breaks because of my job. I find the game extremely easy to pick up and I get MVP pretty much every game which is why I’m in masters I think, my hours played is probably lower than you would expect

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How could they mess up UE when it a remaster. TC never made a gears of war game untill 4. They just gave UE quality of life improvement. Sense youre bring up lve played gears sense the beginning how many gears game have you played. I would like to know.

If anyone here tells me that people still play the gears games online I’ll happily uninstall gears 5 and play the older ones

Gears 1UE FOREVER dude

I wish we have an Remaster of Gears of War 2 and 3! TC can’t make an own Gears of War. 8ake everything in UE I have 1200 GS have so much fun because that game feels good. Gears 5 i die every second cuz of stupid op lancers. You can’t clutch anymore. It’s terrible I thought they make it better than 4 but that’s definitely an Downgrade version of Gears of War 4!

The progression is disappointing if you want something you need to pay. Because everything is on the overpriced store.

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It’ll always be funny how much crap Gears 4 got…

…until Gears 5 came out, making Gears 4 look brilliant and showing the world what TC could really do.


I sincerely hope we will be uttering the same thing in 2022, preferably a lot sooner :+1:

Just waiting for that title update that puts execution back to Y, the melee back to normal, chainsaw back to B, weapon recoil back to normal, the curb stomp back and my glorious Gears 3 Hammerburst back where it belongs. :joy:


I hear you man, My “Chainsaw Massacre” videos have all but stopped on 5. Stupid bloody change. I have managed a few Triple’s ,but it is so hard. Not sure I will beat my near 12’000 Massacre’s on Gears 4 and several thousand on Gears 3.

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I’ve played all of them except Judgement, I sold my Xbox 360 in 2012 as I had no time to play it anymore and only got an Xbox one in 2015 because of UE, oh and because of a friend who said he’d never speak to me again if I didn’t. Gears is really the only reason I have an Xbox one as it’s the only game I really get time to play, funny Gears 1 was the reason I got a 360 in 2007 and UE was the only reason I got a Xbox one in 2015 :thinking:


Sad to hear mate, I had a moments silence for your videos. :pensive:

These are dark times.

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