So, I found Beta Forums!

So today I went onto the Wayback machine, and tried to find the oldest Gears Forum archive! I found what I was looking for, so here it is!

This is the Beta Forums, and the oldest archive wen’t all the way back to 2014. This is the 2014 Gears Forums. It is VERY, VERY different. Nice to see how much It’s changed since then.

This was the first forum made about Gears of War.

(Thanks to @Aguzo for finding this)
It was on the IGN forums, and was made all the way back in 2005. A year before Gears made its debut.

Eddie thought it was an Auto-Racing game.

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Try looking up the Epic Games Forums and their now-defunct Gears boards.

That was the Wild West.


When I find it, I’ll post it! Look out for that post.

It was on a completely different forum software.

Had its pros and cons (spambots LOVED the old forums),

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Yeah, looks very different,

I hated spambots, especially in 2015. I saw a lot then.

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Pre-Clown forums. Kinda pointless imo



The first thread for gears ever made (IGN), with users named Eddie_WWE and JohnCena303R
I guess Gears and WWE truly do go hand in hand.

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Thats neat

Awesome times. I miss the poll functionality.

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Polly wants a…
  • I miss polls
  • I hate polls

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How do you use polls on this forum? (Embed it into your post I mean)


It may require a specific trust level to pick the option, but I can send you a template (anyone can google it too) and it should work.

Edit, thanks for @SatinFlipper6 we worked out only mods or higher can create polls.


Yeah, Gears was such a great Auto-Racing Game. Lmfao


How about having “TC” in your gamertag?

We live in a post-clown world

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“GhostofTC2”? Hmm


It’s gone, unfortunately. When MS bought the rights to Gears, EPIC shut down the forums but planned on keeping it viewable for nostalgia sake. However at some point they deleted every trace of it and now its strictly UDK and Unreal tournament (I think)

Miss those old Forums sometimes… especially cause ppl like @S_IK_O_IR_G_E used to give me their love and attention :disappointed: now hes too good for me it seems


I know it’s gone. But with the Wayback machine, I can still see the old Gears forums.

In my reply in my post talking about the Epic Games forums (The Old “Gears” Forums (Suggested)) I mentioned in my reply below, the forums were now inactive. It’s just unfortunate to see it go. :frowning_face:

you want to see a magical land look into the old forums from EPIC games you will not be disappointed and ,man i miss those forums lots of great times there and it was the birthplace of my passion for 10 years the EGFC which became the GFC