So I’d like some honest feedback

(lnSaNe ShoTZz) #21

looks awesome!

(Gears Kaios) #22

Too buff to be Gary. nah im just playing,Good sh*t!

(Skelface) #23

I’m not a fan of cosplay. At all.

But honestly?

You look like a better Gary than Gary. I prefer the all-black clothes, the buff is welcome and the tatoos are on point.

(GreatWhiteShark) #24

Or you could just change it up a little bit and make it Black Steel Gary Carmine? Ladies would be all over you, yo.

(The Mack Train) #25

If I had some more time that would be something I would consider doing. Perhaps for my next one…

(Phaaze) #26

Looks really good!

(StrafeSkywalker) #27

Looks great, and I wish that I could cosplay my favorite character, however, I’m a 6’1" 250+ pound man, and I wouldn’t want to scare anyone dressed as Kait. But, all joking aside, you did a great job.

(RagtagVenom) #28

This is looking great! I’m working on a Gary Also! Have you looked into using light up leds to make the goggles glow? Or is that one of the items that have since been added?


Wouldn’t the glow sticks impair your vision though? Outfit looks badass btw. Carmine’s Revenge!

(RINZLER 2849) #30

Looks good man!
My son was Gary for Halloween last year.
He has the gold Lancer as well but he didn’t get it until Christmas so he didn’t use a weapon.

(YimbaSimba) #31

I don’t know if you will see this, but I’m making a Gary carmine costume for halloween. I wanted to know what type of bag you used for your cosplay, I would really love to know because it adds another level of awesomeness to the costume!

(Fang18) #32

Haha way cool man, see if you can find some blue tinted lenses for your goggles is about my only suggestion