So I’d like some honest feedback

In a couple weeks there’s a local con in my hometown in which I’m doing my first cosplay for. Since I main Gary Carmine, naturally I went went him. This picture is missing a few item that I’ve since added, but I was hoping to get some feedback on what I can do to make this “next level” thank you in advance.
The Mack


Looks great maybe try and find that blue colored vest jacket he has on. Again very nice job.


Blue is the first thing I thought of. Even as-is though, it’s great. :smile: Awesome tip see people getting in the spirit.

Not a carmine fan but I dig it. Is that the scale gold lancer as well he has? I almost bought it at GameStop.

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Yeah, I purchased every lancer since the first one dropped. I even have wedding photos with my wife and I holding them

Very cool also does he wear a dog tag necklace at all?

All the images I could, I didn’t see any cog tags. Probably because Gary was an outsider but I could see him wearing whomever his father’s cog tags was

I actually just looked at a bunch of pictures as well ya and nothing but f you could find one why not add some cool flair to your character.

Wouldn’t be hard to find, I keep my cog tags attached to my key chain. I’ll take what you said into consideration, thanks

Not bad at all. Nice tat also. :grin:

“Suns out,Guns out!” looks great. Tattoo looks very nice :+1::clap:

Cosplay nice . Now, practice your rolls and wallbounces


You guys might want to adjust your monitors. I see blue/denim from this side of the screen.

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Good Sh*t M8. :ok_hand:t2::call_me_hand:t2::love_you_gesture:t2:

It’s looking good man that’s for sure. Unsure if it’s just the picture/lighting but the only thing I can nitpick at is how dark the outfit is, sun fade that jacket. Also using a wider leather strap on those arms will give better proportions, stressed leather if possible., going to want to look battle worn oppose to shelf model. But they are minor details, the overall looks pretty sick. <3

Yeah I know the strap needs to be bigger, after I saw it on me I knew it wasn’t going to work. Good idea with the sun fading of the jacket, I appreciate it!

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Had a thought to look for other ways to fade out your cloths in case the sun isn’t efficient and here is a few that I came across:

  1. Use bleach and water to soak your clothing in. Add bleach to your washing machine.
  2. Wash clothes with hot water and leave them out to dry in natural sunlight.
  3. Create raw edges by cutting away necklines, cuffs and hems.
  4. Use coarse sandpaper to rub areas of the fabric to fade , soften and wear down.

Personally I would avoid the bleach idea, isn’t something I could imagine doing wonders to the machine but the sand paper one could have benefits to the rough wear look

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That is rad as hell. Nice work Mack Train!
The only suggestion I can give is to make those goggles “glow” a bit. But other than that it is pretty spot on.
Wish I had the creativity and attention to detail to cosplay like others do.

I love it! Only thing i don’t like is the orange tip on the lancer. But other than that, if I ever saw this IRL, I’d legit ask for a picture with ya. :grin:

Yeah I was planning on getting some bendy blue glow sticks and lining the eye sockets in the goggles with them. I’ve already tested it and it turned out pretty well

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