So I assume Gears 6 will have ray tracing and destructible environments?

So ray tracing because that is the thing with this new generation.
Also, destructible environments because that was missing in Gears of War 1.

Seeing games like this make it less believable. Next-generation does not mean higher textures and prettier graphics but how one can interact with it in a believable way.

Here are some common examples.

It shows where past iteration of games do it much better than newer games, and it often loses a part of their soul when this happens.

Also, I’m glad Gears 5 moved away from Gears of War 4 discarding skins BS mechanic, it was obvious that it was a cash cow of sorts. Still broken as one cannot obtain the older skins that was exclusive. I’m still missing the Vintage Kait skin and ESports Kait skin in 4. The game may be old, but it makes content inaccessible sadly which builds walls to content. Another bad game design and annoyance.


Who cares? Higher framerate and 110°FoV are the only thing that matter.


implying we’ll have gears 6

Forget ray tracing. I mean, sure, it’s nice, but the real winner in the new graphics cards is DLSS. Being able to play at half the resolution and not notice the difference means graphics cards’ lifespans just got doubled. Also, nice vids. didn’t realize how interactive BotW was vs HZD. Stopped playing Ninty after the first Wii. Nothing against them, just I’m not rich enough to afford more than one system, lol.

You can’t have amazing graphics and physics like gow 2 dismemberment. The console technology just isn’t good enough to have a lot of cool destruction and physics and keep a consistent frame rate.

i can honestly care less about frame rate. when people are talking about gears 1-2-3, and i watch a vid, i dont notice the frame rate.

Watch the first 30 seconds or so in 480p 30 fps and change to 720/1080p 60 fps afterwards and watch the same part again. If you don’t see the difference you should visit an ophthalmologist.

And higher framerate matters even more when you’re playing yourself, doesn’t matter if it’s PvP or PvE.

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