So - How Much Iron Did You Purchase?

I wanted to bank some Iron as I know the Store isn’t the greatest right now but new content is due in 5 days and also eSports will be around the corner.

Did anyone also stock up on some Iron?

Is anyone going to avoid the Store altogether?

Or wait until you see something worthwhile?


For now,

I’ve bought just over 110,000 Iron.


Haven’t seen the store. What’s the economy? Usd please. None of that euro mess.

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Nice skin set up!!!

I’ll probably do an iron purchase to get ready for the store.

Damn still gotta wait a few hours…lol

Have fun!!!

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I think its $100 USD for 10,000 Iron.


Yeah, Ice Kait + Ice Block look hella nice!

I’ll be playing it tomorrow!

Enjoy when it unlocks for you :slight_smile:

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I only want 2 characters lahni and Tai if he becomes available,Charity events for skin weapons and or characters,Might get some iron to store in case

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I think the eSports stuff is due end of this month!


Ok. Thanks. That’s a little more than I’ll spend upfront. Maybe over two years.

$499 console plus an additional Kate controller already. And you know they’ll be an elite 2.0 gears controller…


gamer! what skins u waiting for?

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I’ve pre-ordered the Series 2 for release day!

Black / White Steel!


do most people have 22days boost?

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It was supposed to be 37 days but I think everyone’s is bugged.

30 days for having Ultimate Edition and I did the challenge in Gears 4 for 7 day Boost.


No Halo Characters so same bug.

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does it work in lobby browser multiplayer the boosts?
easier to find matches

I haven’t tested it yet,

I only did my settings and then went off.

I’ll play campaign tomorrow and maybe MP next week.

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alot of people doing FFA gnashers on custom lobby’s

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Me and my friends used to do it on Private but now far easier to find full lobbies!

So now you have iron,whats in the store now that you can spend it on?

63k that’s like 100 bucks isn’t it?

Nothing noteworthy yet.

New stuff comes in 5 days.

I think eSports is end of the month.


$100 = 10,000 Iron.

Even with the awesome Game Pass Ultimate deal, my gaming budget is pretty tight. I’ll pick up some iron when I have some extra cash and save til something really catches my eye.

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So you spent 600?

That’s nuts