So how exactly is matchmaking determined for Quickplay?


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Likely whomever is available. And not really matchmaking, but once you’re in a game, the MVP of that game will be paired with the worst player in the game for the next one. I think that’s how they try to make it “fair”.

cant remember if it was Dana or Octus but they said it’s set to to get the fastest possible MM times. skill isn’t a factor and region/ping is set to start at a wider parameter.

umm. no

the Leaderboards have nothing to do with SBMM.

Well the Ranked system has always had clear parameters.

Bronze, Silver, Gold, Onyx…etc

It would try its best to pair you with players of similar Ranks

The current Ranked system uses a leaderboard per playlist. So if you are the 7000th best Control player, you will be (or should be) matched with players in your vicinity.

Quickplay has always been a grey area for me but the SBMM has pretty much answered my question. I did some reading up on it and I have an idea of how it works.

ok, so as far as I’m aware this is not how it works. think of the Skill Based Matchmaking system as completely divorced from the Leaderboards. (and hidden)

if it did what you said then the worst player in the world would simply have to play enough to rise up to the #1 spot and play a bunch of random people. that’s not SBMM

I would just think of the Leaderboard as record of your score during the season. it’s basically recording how much time you’ve put into the mode.

I find it hard to believe a proper skill based system would simply match players together based on time played and not actual skill.

maybe @TC_Shauny can clear this up for us

and this is where it has changed back to a hidden system we had in Gears 2-3

Check their achievements. If they have nothing but Gears related gamerscore, then they’re nine times out of ten alt accounts.

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Hidden ELO in the background

Hidden ELO is working out players skil lrankings but isnt being applied to matchmaking yet.

It was supposed to be applied with the weekly reset, but TC missed that and currently doesn’t have a solid timeframe


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Imagine launching comp with the SBMM broken. Amateur stuff.

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i can, it smells like what i just 8

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Looks like a fix is out for Competitive:


You beat me !

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It’s not just time played. If you play a ton but rarely win, you won’t rank up. You still need to perform and win to properly move up the leaderboards.

But yes you are supposed to be matched with players who have a similar positioning in the leaderboards for each respective playlist.

Leaderboard position has nothing to do with rank. I know it says rank next to your number but that is not your rank as far as skill goes.

You still gets points when you lose so somebody that doesn’t play alot but gets 10000 points per match is going to be lower on the leaderboard than someone that play’s everyday all day but only gets 2000 points per match.

For example I average 5000 points per match in TDM but I play pretty much everyday and last week I finished somewhere between # 300 and # 400 on the leaderboard. My friend averaged 7000 points per match but she only played about 10 matches because she plays gaurdian more and she finished well below # 1000 on the leaderboard.

Welcome to competitive matchmaking brought to you by The Coalition.

No I get that, but the matchmaking supposedly uses your leaderboard positioning to determine who you are matched up against.

I’m well aware that your leaderboard position isn’t exactly a perfect reflection of someone’s skill.

we’re straight up telling you this isn’t how it works.


“as defined by Trueskill” not defined by Leaderboard position.

What’s bad is if leaderboard position doesn’t affect matchmaking and true skill is what they use the players who aren’t as good but play more often have a big big leaderboard advantage. Makes sense. Number 1 will be a player who isn’t good but plays often. Seriously backwards


as soon I seen what the Leaderboards actually were with the OP7 reveal I knew I was going to largely ignore it. I’ll be using it to look at my stats and compare with friends.

the top 1000 rewards aren’t even that great and I bet a very similar looking skin will be on the storefront for 40,000 coins just like the Ascendant set

Thanks for clarifying this. I wish TC would be more upfront about how everything works.

It’s crazy since op7 it clearly shows TC aren’t trying to put out a good quality version of gears. They want to appeal to new players by making the game easier and bringing pc and Xbox together is the same they just want as many people playing as possible not a good product which is hard to argue with considering it’s all about money. It’s no secret why gears 5 is on game pass and is forced crossplay now as well as the leaderboard directed to playing more rather than being better at a game. They’re trying to get as many players playing as possible and they’re happy to make it noob friendly and unbalanced to achieve this. Just a bit poor for us guys playing since the first gears who actually care about the game