So how exactly is matchmaking determined for Quickplay?

I’ve never truly understood how this works. Does it go by your Re-Up level?? That obviously wouldn’t make sense since some peoplw primarily play PVE, so if they were to hop into a PVP, that shouldn’t be the determining factor.

For Ranked it’s obvious, Pre Op 7 it was your Rank/GP Score and now its based on leaderboard position, pretty straightforward.

But how exactly does Quickplay matchmaking actually work…does anyone actually know?

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Curious about this…Thanks

All gamertags go into a digital hat and are then drawn at random.


Alphabetical order starting from 1-100


Do u work for tc ?


I get that its suppose to be random but I played a social this morning where us re-ups were against 3 white levels 3v4. Re-up doesn’t determine skill obviously but you can imagine those white levels got stomped…probably not the best social experience lol.

Can you smell the color 9?

In Halo 5, they used SBMM to balance teams, just with a little more leniency to help with matchmaking times and to keep it casual. I imagine they will do something similar in Gears 5.

But how is the skill determined?

You do realize you posted this in the Gears Tactics section right? Tactics is single-player only…

God, I hope it doesn’t work like this. There is a ELO or whatever is called system that assigns you a skill level and then places you in matches where everyone has the same level. Clearly this is not working right now but TC already acknowledged it and promised a fix.

As for quickplay, the first match you’re placed into is 100% random and it will stay that way most of the time with a little tweak here and there. At times I get the impression the system tries to level up the field using the data from the previous match (it switches teams for some players) but the next match starts 4v1 (no stacks) so you realize it was just a fluke.

They say it is based on the SBMM thing that microsoft have, but I dont really think that actually does anything. Every game that I have played claiming to have it feels like its not even there.

Thanks, fixed.

It isnt doing anything.

Skill ratings for players are being worked out but these values arent impacting on matchmaking yet.

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Ohhh okie dokie. Do you know roughly when it will start impacting matchmaking? :3

Sadly not, TC originally estimated it for the start of this week, but that was missed.

Latest update from TC below:

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Thanks for letting me know :blush:

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No worries :slight_smile:


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Likely whomever is available. And not really matchmaking, but once you’re in a game, the MVP of that game will be paired with the worst player in the game for the next one. I think that’s how they try to make it “fair”.

cant remember if it was Dana or Octus but they said it’s set to to get the fastest possible MM times. skill isn’t a factor and region/ping is set to start at a wider parameter.

umm. no

the Leaderboards have nothing to do with SBMM.