So how broken is GEARS 5 you ask?

Daily was to do 35 waves of horde AND collect 35,000 energy. I just did 50 waves and OF COURSE said i didnt do it at all. EVEN THOUGH IT POPPED UP SAYING COMPLETED DURING THE GAME. So wasted 2 hours of my life for FREAKING NOTHING. I didnt even get any cards, credit for the horde NOR ANY PROGRESS TOWARDS MY CHARACTER. My overall level the ONLY thing that increased. This is BEYOND bs. FIRST STARS DONT DOUBLE NOW I GET NO CREDIT. SHUT THIS DAMN GAME DOWN.


Yeah, they decided to “fix” the issue by putting all stats/progression in the crapper. Completely balanced now.

It’s the weekend so I wouldn’t hold my breath on a fix before Monday night.

It’s sad but I almost feel like the game would be better in the hands of Epic again, even though they’re just another corporate shill for a totalitarian Chinese company.

And to think… Rod Fergusson had the gall to insist that Fortnite was an unfinished, low-quality game. Hindsight is 20/20, I guess.

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This is supposed to be a triple A title. Let that sink in. A FULL PRICED TRIPLE A TITLE. With more bugs than any game this year.


If this were a game that came out twenty, thirty years ago, it’d be buried in a landfill right next to E.T. The Game and scrubbed from history.


I don’t know man, I don’t thinks it’s FO76 bad, but that was technically last year so…

Honestly, I have it because of GPU, but if I had dropped $60 + on this, like I did for every other game in this franchise I would be far more angry.

The thing that should concern them is that the amount of people playing this game has been bolstered by GPU subscribers. And at this point, for myself and I expect many other GPU players, it’s time to play one of the dozens of games actually worthy of our time available through GP. Generally, once people move on from a game, especially in an environment with tons of better options, they’re not likely to return. This reality is only compounded in the context of GPU players.

In other words, the fact this game is on GPU and depends on it for its player count means it could die much faster than it would otherwise. And if they were hoping GPU subscribers would feel compelled to purchase the game independently… well that ship has ■■■■■■ sailed; what was once marginal is now borderline nonexistent.

Honestly, it gives me no pleasure to say any of this; I was rooting hard for this game. I really liked the campaign, but that doesn’t generate enough good will to redeem the rest of it.


I payed 80 dollars for this pile of crap. As far as im concern, I ALREADY feel cheated and robbed for an incomplete waste of a game.


Yup same thing happened to my group. Complete and utter bs right here I don’t see myself coming back for 6 as this has ruined my respect for TC really wish EPIC games ran had this game again.

They posted on Twitter saying they fixed it like an hour ago too. The lies these people spew is ridiculous.


My brother and I are playing because of GPU and we actually really liked it at first, enjoyed it more than Gears 4, so we were stoked (ignoring that the game starts with only six characters for Horde, compared to Gears 3 that shipped with fifteen). But we’ve just been met with constant problems between lag, disconnects, things not loading, and all I can think is “thank god we didn’t pay full price for this like every past game”. Like, I want to play the game. I want to like it. But they’re making it really, really difficult.

Thankfully, by just scrolling through GPU I found that ReCore, a game I meant to try out, and State of Decay 2 are also available to me… so I think I’ll go give those a try and hope maybe Coalition gets a clue at some point. But I won’t hold my breath. Gearbox-level incompetence has killed another beloved franchise.

Never thought I’d see the day where even companies like Capcom and Ubisoft are doing better and stepping up.

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You’ll have no problems with State of Decay, awesome game that has the added benefit of actually working.

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I absolutely loved the first one and played the second one a bit on GP, really enjoyed it. Just saw they added costume customization a few days ago so I was immediately like “Okay, yep, I’m sold.”

Amen to that. Also, if you haven’t already played them, consider Resident Evil 2 or Metro: Exodus :slight_smile:

Yeah, spent months & months trying to fill my community with ‘cool’ looking survivors, now this latest update… So much time wasted. But at least I enjoyed every minute of it.

I explained this to my brother, how I’d just ditch a survivor because he’s wearing a puffy yellow vest over a flannel shirt and he just looked at me like I was nuts, lol. It really is gamechanger.

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Played RE2 quite a bit on Steam when it came out , definitely one of my favorites, Amazing game. They truly reinvented the original.

Forgot about Exodus, I’ll have to check that out too, thanks!


100% dude.

I pre ordered the ultimate edition and I live in Canada so that was over $100 and I feel beyond cheated.

The last time I put my faith in TC.

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I pre ordered the ultimate with the Jack Drone from GameStop. Other than having some extra Gears junk to decorate my game room… waste of money…

At this stage I am seriously considering starting a Gears 5 support group for all the people that purchased this game.

Man I feel for you that super sucks…

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I played 1 non stop til the release of 2. Then 2 non stop til 3. Then 3 non stop til judgment. I maxed out judgement and then moved on because it wasn’t my favorite, but I at least enjoyed it. Gears UE was easy for TC because it was just a copy and paste with a fresh coat of paint. Just updated Gears 1. Easily maxed out and enjoyed non stop til 4. I gave up on 4 almost immediately. I’m about to give up on 5. It seems that TC just can’t get their act together. I absolutely HATE everything they do with Gears. They seem to be so disconnected from Gears in every meaningful way. I don’t wish them any ill will… but I truly believe when the 1 or 2 month Game Pass subs are cancelled they’re going to be scrambling to fix the game. And it’s going to be too late. Take away a Game Pass, this is the WORST selling Gears game EVER. And it shows why. I hope the failure that is on the horizon is enough to show them they’ve been f***ing up royally… but I think they have too much hubris to care. TC are some of the most entitled and prideful developers I have ever seen. They are condescending, rude and downright nasty. Are the people posting those things as well?.. yes. But we aren’t the ones that made the game. We are the ones who were sold this junk. We are those things because we are unhappy with their product. They are that way because they’re butthurt that so many people hate their game.