So, hive-busters comic, mechanic mac code redemption does not work for PC

Just to let other PC owners with the game on steam that this does not get loaded into your account, even if you have an xbox live. if you were planning to buy it, just for the skin.

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Steam and DLC codes have been an issue since release. Theres been threads about this with some steps that might work.

There’s a work around by launching it from the Xbox app, but then you need a new copy of the game, rather than Steam. Once you do that, you can launch it from Steam and have all your skins. I had to do it for Mechanic MAC and Ice Kait


Thanks both @SELINA_KYLE @ ll_R_E_D_l yes that is the solution.

  1. have an xbox live account
  2. download xbox app
  3. buy game pass
  4. download the game (yes, you cannot avoid this step)
  5. start the game within the xbox app
  6. close the game from xbox app
  7. start the game within steam
  8. you will see now your skins
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