So, here's the problem with Gears 5 apparently

“What we did with Gears 5, to the best of our ability, was try to remove as many barriers as possible,” Fergusson said, “just because we knew we were going to have such a diverse audience coming in, more diverse than we’ve ever had before.” So basically this translates to “we ruined the game for people that would stop playing once Modern Warfare drops”. I personally think this was a huge mistake and the forum posts seem to indicate the same thing. TC, bring the competitive edge back to the game we all love so much. I know you had to probably follow guidelines from Microsoft but now its time to make things right.


Whilst I think the balancing isn’t horrible, the game’s launch has been very bad due to server issues and the distinct lack of content. Even as a Gears fan I will probably be playing much more of Modern Warfare. So glad I didn’t buy the game but got it on Game Pass.

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Wrong, wrong, wrong… The problem with Gears5 is that people who keep stealing MY GL from the weapons lockers.

There I was killing enemies the best I could and leaving the ammo boxes for other team mates because I have another GL charging back at the base. I got there and it was gone. Ok ■■■ u whoever took it and bought another one; came back a few minutes later and it was gone2. OK that is how u wanna play, bought another1 and and stood there waiting for the thief… IT was the fkg engineer. He had like 10 maxed out sentries with all the power we were providing and still stealing the ammo from my GLs in the weapons locker to replenish his own again. Not putting the old1 back in the lockers but just grabbing the nxt one to replenish the ammo in it… MOTHERFKR.

Anyways… How is your day going!?