So Gears 5 is going to suffer the same fate as Gears 4 on PC for Nvidia users?

I’ve had multiple hard FPS drops and freezing that leads to me being killed and just now the game HARD LOCK my PC forcing me to restart it. I’ve NEVER had any other game do this to my PC… I know its not my PC cause my friends have been complaining about the same stuff. I seriously hope you devs fix your game cause I really want to play it but i’m not going through another 5 years of this BS

I’d also be messaging Nvidia since it’s their graphics card and their drivers.

TC can only do so much.

I’ve had zero issues here.

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Mine hardlocks my pc as soon as i hit anything in the menu. 1050ti

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TC can only do so much? It crashed consistently for 2 yrs on 4 and the exact same issue is happening on 5. It’s not our job to contact Nvidia it’s TC’s. That’s like going to a restaurant and hoping in the kitchen to make my own meal cause the cooks a lazy MF.

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Only issues I had was sound issues. Nothing else. Sounds was completely broken

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