So does anyone notice the Claw?

Not quite, what I meant with the delay was…

Well imagine someone wallbouncing, slide slide slide quite quickly, however if shot abit and stopping power gets applied you could add a brief stumble animation or something for a second to take the momentum out of chaining slides, throwing of the players timing and forcing them into thinking about taking cover or risking a now riskier push, whilst at the same time giving their target a brief moment to escape or to stand their ground, idk really

All I know is what we have right now isn’t right for this game

Yes I have and you actually have better luck doing so than some of the weapons since it has high DPS close range ofcourse a Gnasher or Overkill are more effective at close range. The claw and really anything has issues killing Elite Drones at range when the Elite Drone is shooting back and that drone has increased Lethality and Increased Health so it’s not just an issue with the Enforcer though IMO the Enforcer is more or less rendered entirely moot by the Talon pistol which can headshot and shares similarly high DPS at close range if need be, but uses the pistol slot however I know at least 2 people that like the Enforcer who use Recoil on Del to improve it so I’m remiss to dismiss it entirely since if I know a couple of people with my limited social network there has to be more out there. Saw a streamer ditching the Overkill instead of the Enforcer when asking why he said he liked the higher range on the Enforcer, granted he didn’t pace his shots to get solid range out of the Overkill, but he still called the Enforcer “mid-range” and was using it like it was a Lancer doing pitiable damage compared to it’s max. Honestly though it’s not that much worse than firing any of the other relative peashooters into somebody, if you get hit by the Drone Elite you’re pretty much going down or need to take cover right away by the time you heal the Drone can be at full health and with a Lancer on Marcus you have to empty full clips into them to down them even when boosted so might as well tickle them with the Enforcer instead of a Lancer and the Overkill is solid and going against popular opinion on the forum I’m going to call the Embar solid as well for various reasons. With all that said in the Assault Rifle class the Claw is really second to none it does 210 per body shot doesn’t have damage fall off 100 round magazine and the inverse bullet spread can keep it accurate should you be able to continue firing it which if you can’t if you have the regen on enemies they’re going to hit full health anyway.

It’s my favorite ‘new’ gun.

We don’t choose the claw. The claw chooses us.






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Nothing worse than mistaking an elite for a regular drone and trying to rush it down with a gnasher.

Just stuck there running in place like wile e coyote getting blasted in the face.