So does anyone notice the Claw?

idk about this weapon, I think its good and all but what is the deal with the stopping power? Like if you’re shot by it you are basically stunned until it downs you in less than a second… and wallbouncing around it doesn’t work because even sliding into cover you’re being slowed by like 99%. what is that about?

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Grip the claw

Drops you in 4. Im like why you need stopping power too

It’s about having a fun weapon that you can grab and get a bunch of EZ kills with while having a good time with your friends

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In multiplayer I have no problem, it’s a power weapon after all.
But in horde, my God been shooting by 3 and 4 elite drones mean a death sentence, you are going to be annihilated because the insane stoping power I think most enemy’s are sooooo op even in lower difficults .


Grab another one,then you can claw your way out of any situation.

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its broken

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It’s meant for suppression fire. That’s what LMG’s are for.

Then how about not dealing damage and only stopping power :dizzy_face:

Then it wouldn’t be a power weapon?

I don’t know if this is accurate or not, but sometimes LMG’s do higher damage than Assault Rifles. Or this just depends on the game played.

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Then it wouldn’t be a power weapon?

you mean like the boomshot?

What’s your point?

Why would you want no damage?

When I said suppression fire, that means heavy stopping power and its purpose is pin down enemies behind cover and slow them down if they’re out in open. That is extremely effective against people who only hold a Gnasher and not much cover.

Its not a suppression weapon its a quint machine gun. The damage is so high its ridiculus. It does not add much to the game because mulcher and tri shot is there… Why not spin the weapon to a suppression thing where it deals stopping power… slow or something. with a fair amount of damage of course

In Horde it’s okay, it’s when the swarm gets 2.5 dmg, acc and lethality modifier does it become OP. I use it all the time in horde because I tend to play engineer and there’s plenty of those guns lying around. It’s pretty good when you know how to use it. The first 3 shots just expect them to miss but after that it’s spot on. As soon as the rate of fire drops let go of the trigger for a moment then fire again. Engineers start with a ■■■■■■ enforcer. Have you tried killing a drone elite past wave 40 with that?

There’s no such thing as “suppression weapon”.

I don’t really care what it is, whether a quint machine gun or not. Even wikia said it was Light Machine Gun, so I was right all along.

Suppression is pinning down or slowing down enemies. Forcing them into cover or to retreating.

Weapons have suppression rate. How effective they are at suppression. Three things make up higher suppression rate.

  1. Higher damage
  2. Higher firing rate
  3. Higher stopping power

The Claw literally fits all three criteria. So you could say it has high suppression rate. Or basically a “suppression weapon” if you want,

So what if we have a Chain gun and Minigun? We even got a Railgun, Heavy Shotgun, Melee weapon, Automatic Pistol and so on that were new and introduced. It doesn’t hurt to introduce a LMG for first time in Gears.

When I mentioned about how others games dealt with LMG,

GTA Online had LMG with faster firing rate and heavier damage than Assault Rifles.

The Division 2 introduced an AI behaviour where if they were shot by LMG, it would say “Suppressed”, so they wouldn’t poke head out of cover and wouldn’t shoot back. Literally pinned down. At the same time, the LMG does more damage and again, higher firing rate.

Both these games didn’t have much of one thing, stopping power. Gears toys with it. So they must’ve decided to add higher stopping power, slows you down harder than Assault Rifles and call it a “power weapon”. Made it seem OP, in a way.

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Well its usually harder to aim and much higher recoil… LMG tends to make the wearer run/walk/rotate slower aswell… Some games makes it impossible to shoot if its not mounted or lying down…

What iam saying is that its a broken weapon right now. But thats my opinion and feeling for it. I know its an LMG but i do think they need to give new weapons a real brainstorming before they are added too the game. It feels generic.

Stopping has been, is, and always will be a horrendously bad mechanic in Gears. When will they learn smh

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Stopping power could have been done right and been cool instead of jus annoying or weird

It shouldn’t slow down a roll or a slide, this just looks REALLY off
However if effected by stopping power they could add a delay before a roll/slide to achieve a similar but better looking effect

It should be strongest when running into it’s line of sight, weakest when running away and a middle ground side on

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It’s soooo powerful, it got so much ammo capacity and once it locks into a target its accuracy is 100% and recoil 0% while not giving any penalties to the wielder and on top of everything is the ugliest weapon ever made in Gears.


It shouldn’t slow down a roll or a slide,

A roll I could understand but if it didn’t slow down a slide then we would go back to 90% of all kills is with the gnasher.